Video games are always said to have a negative impact on our health. However, research has shown that video gaming can have a positive effect on our mental, physical and emotional health. The following are the benefits of video gaming on our wellness:

They help reduce pain

Video games can help reduce pain such as headaches and stomach aches. This is because they take your mind off the pain that you are feeling. You forget the pain and focus on the game. Also, your body releases a painkiller hormone called endorphin. This hormone naturally enhances the ability of your in reducing pain.

They help fight stress

Stress can really have a negative impact on our health. We all need to handle stress and video gaming can help do so. Firstly, video games help you forget the things that bring stress to your life. Since video games can improve your creativity and decision making, you will find ways of solving the problems that stress you. Video games are all about planning and therefore they can help you plan and tackle your problems. Also, you can earn some money playing Canadian online casino real money and improve your wellness as well.

Video games can help you stay fit

Video games can reduce weight since they keep your mind off those unhealthy snacks. They keep your hands busy, unlike movies where your hands can pick snacks. Video gaming will also distract you from health-threatening habits such as smoking. Also, motion control games can help you burn calories. According to research done by the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Centre, playing video games is as good as walking on a treadmill when it comes to burning calories.

Video gaming can help forge friendships

We all need to socialize and interact with others especially those who share common interests with us. Computer games gives us the opportunity to connect with other people who are far away. It gives us the chance of finding and interacting with people who have similar interests. This makes us feel accepted and therefore enabling us to forge friendships elsewhere.

Research has also shown that video gaming can help individuals suffering from autism. It helps them develop social interactions without pressure. This is because they can communicate through the achievements giving them a sense of belonging.

Video gaming can improve memory

Keeping our brains working increases its functioning. Video gaming keeps the brain busy and active. You need to recognize patterns, remember characters, missions and much more. You have to be creative to get through the levels hence making your brain active. This boosts your memory and other cognitive abilities. You also feel happy when you beat your high scores. Happiness can help your hippocampus grow, making you less vulnerable to mental diseases such as dementia and Alzheimer later in life.

Video games can improve vision

Contrary to the old belief, computer games can help improve your vision. Studies have shown that computer gaming can improve contrast sensitivity function. This is the ability to differentiate various shades of the same color. This is very essential when driving at night. Also, video gaming can help in curing people with lazy eyes. It strengthens the muscles surrounding the eyes which eventually corrects the lazy eye problem.