Bonuses are a fantastic way to get a little bit extra in gaming, whether these are bonuses through apps and addons, or bonuses that could be through specific subscription services. Some are worth more than others, so it’s a great idea to look around to discover the best. Game bonuses like Wildz Bonus can be quite accessible and easy to come across, it gives a specific value and so those using the bonus know exactly what they’re getting. Others like Prime Gaming, however, can be a bit more nuanced.

We’ll take a look at Prime Gaming, the history of what it has offered its subscribers, the potential future for some offerings, and deliver a verdict on whether Prime Gaming is worth it or not as an option to get bonuses for your favorite games. These bonuses are split into two different categories, and both will be explored.

Free games are one option – Part of the Prime Gaming subscription offer is that free games are regularly offered as part of the promotion, these cover a huge range of different titles depending on what’s trending and what may be the predecessor of an upcoming title in particular. Games offered in the past include the likes of Baldur’s Gate 2, Star Wars: The Force Unleashed, and many others.

It’s a great way for players to explore games that may not be the newest, but are definitely worth trying out, and who doesn’t like getting free stuff? Games are offered regularly so a lot of value can be found for some of the bigger titles that are regularly offered out to Prime Gaming subscribers.

Cosmetic items cover the rest – Having individual cosmetic items at a premium cost has become an extremely common feature in modern gaming, and depending on the game some of these cosmetics can have quite a hefty price tag. Prime Gaming offers a large number of cosmetic items from time to time, and some of them are quite valuable too.

Recently, games like World of Warcraft have offered special cosmetics through Prime Gaming that were once part of the trading card game, some being valued in the thousands of dollars, and an obvious pick-up. Others cover more recent games like Diablo 4 which has quite expensive cosmetics, and unique variations have been offered through Prime Gaming too.

Another addition to this is a free subscription to a Twitch streamer, although only valued at $5 per month it’s a nice addition to have and something that’s easy to take advantage of, and another thing to consider. If Amazon Prime is an expense and subscription that is useful to you, then Prime Gaming is a fantastic benefit to have on top that does offer some great options in both games and cosmetic items, and certainly offers well over its value on a regular basis.

For those that aren’t already existing Prime subscribers, the decision may be a bit different. At £95 per year, Prime may be steep for those who don’t regularly take advantage of free delivery and other factors. However, with all the games on offer and the other cosmetics for a wide range of very popular games, Prime Gaming certainly does offer some fantastic bonuses to be taken advantage of.