This is the first news about the game after the announcement. The next part of God of War was presented at the end of the September PS5 presentation. The game had only a short teaser with the words “Ragnarok is coming” and the release date – the game was supposed to appear in 2021.

As the title suggests, the upcoming God of War will continue Kratos’ storyline and talk about his fight against the Scandinavian gods. Ragnarok is a concept from Viking mythology that means “the death of the gods.” Judging by the tweets from the producer of God of War, the studio considers the new game the second part and hopes to receive the title of “Game of the Year.”

God of War is a popular series that started in 2005 and has eight games now for various platforms and consoles. Fans of different game series can download game ROMs and spend some wonderful time playing legendary games and remembering those good old game mechanics.

News About the Game

The developers noted that they still strive to make a high-quality game and at the same time preserve the health of the studio staff under the conditions of the pandemic. Sony also published an interview with Herman Hulst, head of internal PlayStation studios, which suggests that God of War will be released not only on PS5 but also on PS4.

Sony decided to postpone the release of God of War a few months ago. However, this decision was not final which explains the silence from the developers. When Sony announced the sequel to God of War and announced that it would be released in 2021, three years after the release of the first restart game, few players believed it – especially against the backdrop of massive transfers due to the pandemic.

When Sony finally confirmed the insider hints and announced that God of War would indeed skip 2021 and only release in 2022, on his Twitter account, game director Corey Barlog stated that he had really believed in the original deadlines and it was he who set them up. The 2021 release announcements were not “lies,” Barlog said.

What role Corey Barlog will play in the work on the sequel to God of War is still unclear. Previously, information appeared on the network that he could deal with a new IP, but the developer rejected it. However, neither he nor Sony has yet confirmed who is the game director of the sequel.

Is Time Travel the Main Theme of God of War: Ragnarok?

In honor of the official announcement of the sequel to God of War, we decided to recall the most popular theory associated with the game and reflect on what Corey Barlog can show in the continuation of the beloved adventures of Kratos and Atreus.

If you have been through God of War, then you probably know a god named Tyr. This is the Scandinavian god of war, whose activities are directly related to the events of the game. And although this is a very important figure in building the narrative, Tyr himself is never shown during the game.

A popular theory on God of War is that Kratos is Tyr from the past. There are several arguments: both are gods of war, Kratos changes noticeably in character, and Tyr himself is directly related to the giants, one of which was Kratos’s beloved and mother of Atreus. In addition, in his vault, Tyr left a message that Mimir can read with crystals in his eyes – given that Tyr supposedly knew how to travel not only between worlds but also in time – it seems as if he knew that the message could receive Kratos himself.

But the theory breaks down with the following fact – the giants themselves call Kratos Farbauti. It is unlikely that beings who are able to see the future could fail to understand that Tyr and Kratos are one and the same character. If only Kratos himself did not consider it necessary to ask them to do so.

In the world of God of War, Ragnarok must come after the harsh three-year winter of Fimbulwinter. Now we know about the existence of at least one creature not from this time – we are talking about the world serpent Jormungand. According to the game’s lore, he had already fought Thor during the Ragnarok period and received such a strong hit that he was blown into the past.

What if Kratos was at the site of the battle between Jormungand and Thor, and he himself is thrown back into the past, along with the serpent? And now, when two Kratos exist at the same time, the “alien” from the future will do everything to change the fate of the world – which he had to do once, when he killed Baldr, thereby starting the Ragnarok process.

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