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Spintires is the premier off-road game to buy on any system. In fact, this is the breakthrough game after many years of flashy and some not-so-flashy clunkers. What makes Spintires successful as an offroading/mudding game where others have failed? It comes down to great physics and an editor that has helped to fuel a robust user community with free user-created content. This content comes in the forum of new vehicles, maps, and mods. basically, any vehicle that is not military has been created by a user. This adds a lot of value to a game that retails at $30. However, Spintires has been in at least one Humble Bundle and can usually be bought at established digital marketplaces like the one below.

The oddest thing about this game is that it had a bug so bad back in earlier 2016 that it was actually pulled from Steam. The bug made the game unplayable and there were even rumors of sabotage. Nevertheless, the bug was fixed and the game was thankfully brought back to Steam. I have not seen a game being pulled that many times so it is definitely something to note. Still, it does not take away from the fact that Spintires is the game to get if you want to go offroading in a very wide variety of vehicles.

Buy Spintires 

1. Off road simulator.

2. Single player.

3. Multiplayer mode.

4. Steam workshop.

5. Many mods.

6. User made vehicles.

7. Spintires editor.

8. Discover new vehicles in the game.

9. Also has garages, fueling stations, and lumber mills.

10. Great physics and graphics.

11. Low system requirements.

12. Free maps.

13. Can collect lumber.

14. Terrain is deformable.

Spintires is fully priced at $29.99 on Steam.


  1. The game cost 29$ It’s pretty decent to me and it’s fun dirving vehicles.If you are into game with heavy machinery and trucks, you will love this game. It has beautiful graphics and realistic driving controls.


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