Clones is a friendly, fun, and engaging evolution to the classic Lemmings puzzle genre which includes robust internet-multiplayer with team play, different game modes, powerups, leaderboards, and a built-in level editor that was used to create the singleplayer campaign of over 150 clontastic puzzles spanning 11 CloneMaster bosses over 5 regions of the Clones Planet.

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Post Date: 13:27 01-08-2015
Rating: 4
Author: axwellshm
Comment: Average game. It is puzzle genre, but I don’t feel like I am playing one. It’s fun it has average graphics but meh; I don’t think I enjoyed playing this game
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  1. Interesting and fun puzzle type of game.
    Point of game is to save Clones by sending them to “teleported” but with avoiding traps and solving puzzles.

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  2. Clones is a clone of the good old pc game Lemmings, but the developer managed to port the game into modern age. There are 150 levels, a map editor, LAN and online multiplayer and a cute setting. Fact: It’s a cool game for it’s price.

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  3. Clones is fun and interesting classical puzzle video game.I recommend it everybody 🙂

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  4. Pretty good game, but I feel like there are simply too many puzzle games similar to Clones (e.g. Lemmings, Cargo Bridge, March of the Blobs, etc.), so you’re not going to find much of a unique experience out of this game. And the graphics isn’t that great; the textured graphics just isn’t as appealing, especially in today’s modern gaming era. But it is $1 on Steam, so that’s not too bad; plus the game has over 150 puzzles, so it might be worthwhile. Overall, I’d rate this game a 3.5/5.

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