Gaming is a favourite pastime of many people and to some, it’s a form of employment. Whether you play games for entertainment or for profit, from time to time there is an urge that pushes you to switch games just to experience what is on the other side. If you are a serial games player who has been playing at an online casino for several years, there are many alternative games for you to choose from once you decide to go on a different path and one such game is the League of Legends.

The League of Legends is a multiplayer online battle arena in which you take the role of the summoner. As the summoner, you have to defeat an army of enemies by destroying their nexus. In order, to destroy this nexus, you will have to fight with the enemies. You can play this video game either with fellow humans or against computer-controlled enemies. In League of Legends, every summoner will start with very little powers but you gain strength as you defeat the enemies. This is quite an entertaining and absolving game. To start playing League of Legends, you need to know the following.

Create your account

You need to create your League of Legends account first, therefore, you will have to download the game at the League of Legends site. The download is quite long so make sure you have a reliable internet connection and that you have enough time on your hands.

Install the game

Once you finish downloading, the next step is to install the game. Installing the game is quite easy and straightforward as there is a guide which helps you as along the way. Once you finish installing, the next step is to patch the game i.e. to get updates to improve your gaming experience. Patching needs an active internet connection but doesn’t take much time.

Choose your ‘summoner’ name

The next step is to log in. You must use the same information that you used when creating your account. Once you log in for the first time, you will be asked to provide your ‘summoner’ name. You can use any name that you want. The summon name is the name you are identified with by other players as you play. You can use your real name but most players don’t.

Tutorial Stage

This stage is optional on the screen but as a first-time player, you need to go through the tutorials. There are two tutorials and it’s advisable to go through both. The first tutorial is the ‘Basic Tutorial’ which basically informs you of the game rules and the second tutorial is the ‘Battle Training’ where you are equipped with information on how you fight.

Time to play

With everything done, the next step is to start playing the League of Legends. You will be presented with game modes and types of games. As a first time player, opt to play the ‘Co-op vs. AI- Classic- Summoner’s Rift 5V5- Beginners’ game. In this game you play against computer-controlled enemies; these are easy to play against in comparison to humans (non-beginners). When the selected game mode finishes loading, you are asked to choose your champion, just choose the champion you prefer. Once done, you can start slaying those enemies.