Fortnite is a popular online video game developed by Epic Games. Once again, it’s introduced some great updates to the game. If you closely follow the Fortnite news, you may already know that Fortnite is about to surprise all of us with the new updates in the game. But it is still unknown what the players will get in the upcoming chapters. And here are some recent Fortnite leaks that give a slight look at what is coming in the future game updates about future seasons and chapters. Following these Fortnite Leaks will keep you up to date with what’s coming next in the upcoming chapters. To get further details about the Fortnite community, enroll in the ggbet app now.

Here are some recent Fortnite leaks that will amaze the fans.


In the Fortnite esports world, the Fortnite Champion Series (FNCS) is the most significant esports tournament. It is considered the highest-level competitive event and thus goes far beyond just being an ordinary tournament. It is celebrated each season with specific in-game content, such as the Legends Landing map and FNCS skin. However, in addition to prizes, drops, and item stores, there are different modes to unlock the FNSC cosmetics. The latest FNSC leaks have demonstrated the new version of the cosmetics.

The new Fortnite leaks of 2024 have revealed how the FNCS skin version of this year will be. Let’s explore some recent FNSC skin leaks.

  • Shredder

The most notable leak regarding the item shops is the Shredder. As per the rumors, the shredder is the brand-new skin coming to Fortnite this year. The Ninja Turtles and April O’Neil had already been seen in the game, and now the Shredder is appearing. It sports a unique design that has veered around a few heads. This season, it will probably be the popular item shop skin.

  • Return of Augments

Another major Fortnite Leaks for this season is the introduction of Augments, seemingly due to its return in new adapted form. Augment is a game-changing system introduced in Chapter 4 of Fortnite. As time moves throughout the match, the players’ survival is rewarded with the option of choosing between the Augments. But it is still unclear whether there will be augments this season or not.

  • Upcoming Collabs

The upcoming collabs for the new chapter of Fortnite have already made serious concerns into leaks. As per the latest skin leaks, gamers can expect to get item shop skins along with some additional features.

The most spotted collabs of this season are:

  1. Doctor Who – It can be delayed, but may come in January
  2. Ninjago – Latest Lego Fortnite Collab with the latest items along with exclusive skins
  • Fortnite Festival Tracks Leaks

Another exciting leak about the latest Fortnite Chapter is that Epic plans to add separate games this season. Fortnite Festival will be the new rhythm mode this time. This version of Fortnight may also bring new chunks of content, including physical controllers. In addition, there may be some songs that will appear in the upcoming Fortnite festival, and the most anticipated ones are:

  1. Pokerface by Lady Gaga
  2. Numb by Linkin Park
  3. Africa by Toto
  4. Poison by Alice Cooper
  • Coming of Fall Guys

Another celebrated title coming to the upcoming chapter of Fortnite is Fall Guys. First taunted in the live event of Big Bang, Fall Guys never appeared this season. But now, the recent Fortnite leaks indicate that it’s getting closer to being more than any average collab.

The recent leaks revealed that Epic is now working to bring Fall Guys into Fortnite’s latest chapter. It may appear as a separate game mode like Lego, Festival, & Battle Royale. But it’s still unclear how it will work with the minigames and skins. Moreover, it will be the most exciting Fortnite leak of this season.


As per the leaks, there will also be some previous Fortnite updates, which we will discuss in the upcoming chapters. These are:

  • More Family Guy

Peter Griffin and Solid Snake in Fortnite are considered the most exciting facets of the recent Battle Pass. But still, players are hoping for further Family Guy characters in the upcoming Fortnite chapters. So now there is good news for such players: more Family Guy characters are coming to Fortnite. The players will surely get extra characters to bang the game as a new Family Guy unit will be added to item shop files.

  • Dragon Ball Skins

Dragon ball skins are also coming to Fortnite. Over Winterfest, the gamers can expect another Dragon Ball skins to be added to the game. These may be Cell and Frieza, and both will have different layouts as skins.


The Fortnite item leaks suggest what items are coming to Fortnite in the latest updates.

  • Kinetic Boomerang

The most exciting Fortnite item leak for the fans is that the Kinetic Boomerang is coming back to the game. This item has been pretty central this season, but due to bugs, it got vaulted quickly. But now it may come back in the future updates of the game.

  • New Pistol

As revealed by the Fortnite item leaks, a new pistol is also coming to the game. Perhaps it is the same as we saw in Fortnite Chapter 4. It is presumed to be one like the Lever Action Pistol. It suggests it will be similar to the shotgun and Lever Action Rifle in past Fortnite seasons. It will be exciting to get another powerful pistol in the upcoming versions.

Summing Up

The recent Fortnite leaks have given hints about upcoming skins, collab, and items. So, with all these hints, gamers can presume what the new version of Fortnite will bring this year. Stay updated with the latest Fortnite news to know about the future events regarding the game!