You know that a real sports game is good when there are video games of it. That is why we have so many online casino games, because playing them just wasn’t enough anymore. The same is true for soccer, the reason why we have so many video games are because we just can’t enough of the game. Since we are on the topic of video games, allow us to give you some of the best soccer video games.

Top Soccer Video Games


FIFA, a game by EA sports is one of the best when it comes to soccer video games. The main reason for this is that they manage to release a new version of the game every year. Such that players always have a new upgrade that they can look forward to. Also the best part of the game is that players get to play with their real life soccer icons in the game, they can also play with their favorite teams.  Players can also in the game create an ultimate team. Where they can take all their favorite players and create the dream team of their choice. FIFA is available for play on the Play Station 4, Xbox One and on PC.

Pro Evolution Soccer

Pro Evolution Soccer or PES in short has always been in competition with FIFA. Such that they too manage to release a new game upgrade with every year, just like nz sports betting. PES still has a lot of fans who enjoy playing the game. The main reason for this is the silkiness of the passing system and the on pitch field.

Football, Tactics and Glory

While the above mentioned games allow you to play the whole 90 minute soccer games and added time, with this game it is not so. Football, Tactics and Glory comes with a more different approach to the game of soccer. In this game, players are given 3 turns to get the ball forward and score. Players can also pull off some skills to give them an extra turn.


  1. I have FIFA 15 and before that FIFA 09. I try to wait at least 5 years in between sports games to get the most out of the changes because every year you’ll have titles that are the same or worse.

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  2. I remember seeing the FIFA video game series plastered around in the mid to late 2000s. I think FIFA is nice, but I wouldn’t recommend getting a FIFA game every year unless you’re an avid soccer fan, because there’s usually not a whole lot different.

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