A leading buy-to-play MMORPG versus the current best sci-fi MMO.

The Match-Up

The last match of the first round pits two leading (once highly anticipated) MMORPGs from considerable franchises with two different paying models. Each game now takes an alternative to the exceedingly less popular pay-to-play model after first starting with that model. While The Elder Scrolls Online takes the somewhat newer path of charging for the game but not a monthly subscription (although there is an option for one), Star Wars The Old Republic makes use of a limited free-to play version that has worked well for years while still having pay-to-play options available.

The first round ends well with this match as it was very tough to determine a winner here. Both are high quality, have amazing player worlds, and avoid the ghastly required monthly fee of doom. In the end, the less clear model and restrictions of SWTOR led to its defeat here. TESO moves on to the next round and that concludes the first round!

Tale of the Tape

Elder Scrolls Online


Buy to play fantasy MMORPG.
Highly anticipated when launched.
Started pay-to-play only.
No single player offline mode.
Several different races to choose from.
Improved well after a shaky start.
Listened to fan feedback.
Was in development for seven years.


Star Wars The Old Republic


Leading science fiction MMORPG.
Based in one of the best franchises ever.
One of the most expensive MMORPGs to make.
Great story lines through the years.
Has a limited free-to-play version.
Highly anticipated when launched.
Still has pay versions available.
Has had five expansion packs.

Select Comments For Elder Scrolls Online

Rating: 9
Author: Thedarkboy
Comment: The fact that The Elder Scrolls Online is becoming an online role playing game was only a matter of time, it has always struck me as a logical evolution for the series and now the time has finally come. Even before it was released, the emotions are mixed. Many did not want to see a MMO with the fear of a generic product that would just fall on our faces as many others have done before. Fortunately, worried souls rest now – The Elder Scrolls Online looks like Skyrim, played like Skyrim and feels like Skyrim. Except that it’s online with hundreds, sometimes even thousands of players. There is quality throughout.

Whether The Elder Scrolls Online is worth the monthly fee is a question that is left unanswered, the future is something that I do not have insight in. Before the game was released it was declared as a flop from many places online that just seems to believe in the widespread free model. But you must not forget that The Elder Scrolls Online is an online role-playing of very good quality that doesn’t mimic the Titans, but instead leans against the acclaimed Skyrim. The result is an online role-playing game of top class, which can be enjoyed either as a group or on your own. Now just to see if The Elder Scrolls Online gets the audience it deserves.

If you are looking for a new online role playing game, The Elder Scrolls Online is an excellent alternative. Tamriel is a huge and vibrant world with a background story that surpasses most in the industry. This is packed with engaging missions thanks to a skillful pen and relevant objectives and the battles are exciting and challenging, thanks to skilled gameplay. The Elder Scrolls Online is a successful recipe.

Rating: 9
Author: Skylar
Comment: Finally. I have been waiting on an Elder Scrolls MMO for years.

Select Comments for Star Wars The Old Republic

Rating: 7
Author: hstpctech
Comment: Plentiful contents, but it’s really pay to win if you wish to finish most of the quests especially the side quests.

Optional side quests requiring a team of two or more players are more difficult to complete, which is where the pay to win comes in.

The paramount of Old Republic is of course the old light side vs. dark side alignment system, that’s built over time from the player’s choice to deal with every situations in the form of dialog options.

Each alignment side gives exclusively countering benefits, gives player even more tweaking flexibility in building up the character’s powers.

The latest addition was the starfighter PVP combat, and this is yet to be seen whether it will attract new players to the fold, or will it just be another outlet to squeeze more cash from players.

Rating: 9
Author: Thedarkboy
Comment: SWTOR is simply a great game.. If you like games in the MMORPG genre then SWTOR is a game that must be in your game collection. The game has a conversation function which is a funny thing because you get to choose your own answers and build your own reputation based on your answers. The graphics are really well made and gets even better with the settings on medium or high. It’s P2P though although that’s not a big problem since it will become F2P soon xD Something negative about the game is that when you play with an old computer you won’t get the best gaming experience. So to get the best possible experience you shouldn’t have an old computer but a computer that you can play the latest games on.

The Showdown

Cheaper to Play = Star Wars

Better Multiplayer = Elder Scrolls

More Popular = Elder Scrolls

Better User Created Content = Star Wars

Better for Livestreams/Videos = Elder Scrolls

Elder Scrolls Online received a total score of 3
Star Wars Galaxies received a total score of 2

The Result

Elder Scrolls Wins!

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  1. The Elder Scrolls Online is better MMORPG video game for me because it is more interesting and it has better graphic

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  2. At launch both of these games would be pretty darn even to me. They both made the stubborn choice of a monthly fee and both stayed as steady as possible on it before ultimately giving in. They are a tale of two similar but different games. SWTOR has better story telling and arguably story overall. ESO has better gameplay… much better in my opinion. Both feature solid graphics, though I prefer ESO’s… the game can be simply stunning at the right times. Both are 100% voice acted! This was and still is kinda a big deal… it’s not a cop out either, they have thousands and thousands of lines. The down side is both games are HUGE in file size, we are talking like 30gb for SWTOR and 50gb for ESO… it’s kinda insane.

    Once both failed at the whole monthly fee thing they took very different paths. SWTOR went Free-to-Play and ESO went Buy-to-Play. SWTOR can now be played 1-50 relatively issue free… you will run into some issues a long the way because of a few very odd restrictions but it will be OK for the most part, after that though you might as well pay or give up, it’s just not worth it. ESO on the other hand can not be played for free… so you do have an up front cost. To me though it’s worth it for the fact they don’t apply any additional restrictions on top… you wont hit another pay wall.

    What I’m getting at here is if you wanna enjoy SWTOR you really need to pay up and at that point at least for me I’d rather just pay ESO once than be on the monthly fee treadmill. I don’t think SWTOR was been very fair to it’s player base… maybe I’m wrong but I just don’t like how it’s handled. Maybe it’s the huge development costs driving it, maybe not. I just wish the game was more than it is.

    The thing that’s struck me most about ESO is they’ve been listening to the community and the game has steadily been improving. Originally the game was going to be an MMO set in the elder scrolls world… largely it still is but as fans complained the game has slowly become more an more a true elder scrolls game. Like adding first person mode, which btw is a pretty rare view point for an MMORPG these day. It will never be Elder Scrolls Online, it just wont. It’s an MMO at it’s core but any TES fan that plays will immediately start noticing the little things like nirnroots (noise and all!) that feel just right.

    The game is repetitive, it’s quests aren’t as deep as true TES games. End game is kinda meh. PvP can be meh. I mean it has a lot of the typical MMO pitfalls but I am really impressed with what they have done. They really tried to capture that TES feel and in many ways succeeded in getting the vibe right… the rest of it however just feels too MMOy but I mean it is an MMO. The game also suffers from a bit of an identity crisis… no doubt from them trying to match the singleplayer impact feel in a online world, the game uses a lot of phasing for change in the world which can make group questing and meeting up with friends harder than it should be. IE you could be standing right next to each other but because it’s a different “phase” can’t see each other.

    Aside from these issues and well that last one is rather big if you want a traditional MMO experience. ESO offers a pretty nice experience at a reasonable cost. I’d definitely recommend trying it if you can pick it up cheap. Give SWTOR a go too when you have a day… or possibly week to download it, could find some fun in it as well. Overall I don’t think either of these are huge long term MMOs, I just don’t see it. I have no doubt both will be supported for some time yet but to me they feel more like side MMOs than a main course worth investing in. Unless your a console gamer… in which case ESO is pretty much the best MMO available. Did I mention it has controller support on PC too?

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  3. Elder Scrolls online is better game for me in this point,and better graphic 🙂

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