Seeing as Nintendo have just released Super Mario Run that’s initially free, but then costs more if you want to access the full mobile game, it seems like a good time to have a look at a few titles that won’t cost a penny to play.

Dungeon Witcher

If you’re looking for a free game that instantly shows what mobile games are capable of, then download Dungeon Witcher. This MMO card RPG has gone soaring up the app charts thanks to its great turn-based gameplay that can see you taking on your opponents as you explore the labyrinths and collect heroes. Like most games in this genre, it does have a few in-app purchases, but you can get pretty far without spending a penny.

Conduct This

For something completely different, Conduct This is an awesome railway strategy game that has all manner of fiendish puzzles to complete as you aim to get the passengers home safely. Switch tracks to avoid collisions, keep an eye out for obstacles, and see if you can get the real-life trains like the French TGV to their final destination. Although the ads are a little annoying, it’s still a good way to pass some time.

Hill Climb Racing 2

The original Hill Climb Racing game was a massive hit thanks to its ingenious physics-based gameplay. And Hill Climb Racing 2 doesn’t disappoint with lots of new vehicles with tune-able parts and plenty of environments to test your skills. Although it’s not easy, with some of these tips, you can aim to become a world-beater in the fun Xmas Cup challenge!


If racing around a dirt track is a little grubby for you, then why not try one of the most glamorous games around? Thanks to Betway, you can now play this game on your smartphone with all manner of enticing crash prizes and even a welcome bonus to show that the best things in life are free!

Goat Simulator

And if that game has left you with the urge to try a game that’s a little less sophisticated, then it doesn’t come much dumber than the amazing Goat Simulator! Although it started as a joke and even the developers warn you against playing it, the game gives you the awesome prospect of running riot as a particularly dumb goat. So although it might not have all the features of the last game, it shows that there’s more than one way to have fun for free on your smartphone!