The top PC games based on the Vikings are: Historically, the Vikings weren’t the most diplomatic of colonial immigrants. As they sailed throughout northern Europe, the notorious maritime hustlers brought pandemonium to every port of call.

Their wicked acts are etched into our minds via the legends of the Edda, the primary Icelandic literary works to which we owe our knowledge of these Norse beasts.

Since the time they were originally carved into the rock, their tales have resonated through the ages.

From Marvel Comics to Attack on Titan, many of these beliefs continue to permeate the culture we consume today.” Vivid Viking myths may be found in video games, which put you in the shoes of the gods or the humans who kowtowed obediently at their command.

When it comes to Viking-themed video games, we may find ourselves in Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice and Skyrim, where we can devour the souls of newly slaughtered dragons.

Also, amid For Honor’s anachronistic unrest, we get to step into their gnarled leather shoes and fight Samurai and Knights. Keep reading if you’re looking for the most excellent PC Viking games to plunder and loot!

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla

Assassin’s Creed games have showcased fascinating snippets of history, and Valhalla is no exception. The Viking assassin, Eivor, is the protagonist of Valhalla, a game that immerses players in his world. Before travelling to England to create multiple villages, take in the icy vistas of Norway.

In the late 9th century, Ubisoft does break some of the laws; for example, Orlog doesn’t genuinely exist. But even without all that background knowledge, there’s enough here for history buffs who also want to have a good time.


If you’re looking for something a little more strategically challenging, Northgard is the place to go. This is a top classic real-time strategy game with a contemporary twist, and it stands up to the legendary historical strategy titles of the 1990s and early 2000s.

Several clans to pick from, each with their advantages, such as particular units like the war bear or the ability to colonize with real money. A number of Viking-themed victory conditions, such as being the first to forge Odin’s Sword or uncovering and gaining possession of Yggdrasil, are also available to players.

As you manage resources, face off against animals, and make a fresh beginning for your rowdy band of Norse immigrants, you’ll have something to connect with in the game’s competitive multiplayer and decent narrative mode.


Valheim, one of the greatest surprises of 2021, is a horrific voyage inspired by Viking culture. The purgatory known as Valheim is where you must learn the Vikings’ ways of life. Each planet is produced randomly to guarantee that every player gets a unique experience.

Cooperative PvE fun may be had by yourself or with nine other players. As you go across Valheim, you’ll be taken on a trip that’s full of surprises at every step. Assemble your base with everything you’ll need to survive the day, from defensive buildings to keep the trolls out to a fermentation room where you can make mead for your Viking pals.

Bad North

It’s simple to get into, but Bad North, a real-time strategy game, soon became viral because of its appealing visual and captivating gameplay. In addition to this, it’s one of our favourite games of the year.

Each minimalistic level takes place on a tiny, isolated island, which forces you to strategize with your soldiers to make use of the randomly generated architecture. Despite its clean, basic appearance, it’s everything but easy to use.

Sound effects and charming music enhance the captivating medieval aesthetic. There’s a laid-back vibe to Bad North, but it hides some substantial obstacles. This Norse RPG is a Viking funeral for the waste of time when it comes to intricate RTS menus.


When it comes to The Elder Swords, Skyrim is the most Norse of them all since it puts you in the role of the Dragonborn, who can absorb dragon spirit and release strong cries that break their adversaries.

It is possible to explore a vast realm influenced by Icelandic mythology, which includes the hazardous Throat of The World and Valhalla’s heavenly gates (which goes by Sovngarde in Elder Scrolls lore).

A civil war, a battle against the undead, or just raising a family are all possibilities in this roleplaying game. If you’re looking for some Viking roleplaying, Skyrim has a lot to offer, even if it’s over a decade old.

In order to have a more realistic Vikings go wild experience, you may play around with the many Skyrim modifications available, including longboats, authentic Viking weaponry and costumes, and a slew of other goodies. Nowadays, you may play Skyrim as a virtual reality game in order to further enhance the experience.

Viking Squad

Viking Squad is the most overtly obvious and in-your-face game in the collection in a side-scrolling brawler that combines Norse mythology with a goofy Castle Crashers game.

You must spend your hard-earned riches after a victorious charge through a level to boost your character’s powers and equip in Viking Squad’s Roguelite advancement mechanisms. A visually appealing (and most importantly, intelligible) art style ensures that you aren’t overwhelmed by all of the action when things go rough in a game that encourages chaos.

Attempting it alone can wear you out quickly due to the game’s repetition and complexity, so gather a group of like-minded people before diving in.


The end result is as follows: For those who desire to emulate the gods of the Norse pantheon or those who just want to wear some old-fashioned sandals, this list offers something for everyone. There is such a wide range of games on this subject is also wonderful to see.

Mainly because some of these games transform classic settlement legends and icons into something unique, you’ll need a parka for most of these games, which are described as being frigid.