Valorant is a game in which there are many agents and it can be challenging to choose the right one. But there are many guides and other ways that allow you to choose the right agent and learn to play with its help at a high level.

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Let’s figure out which two agents are the easiest to start playing Valorant with if you are a beginner.


Omen is a gloomy controller who closely resembles the Reaper from Overwatch in his design, voice, and abilities in such a great manner that for complete similarity you want to buy him a shotgun. Omen is particularly good at terrain control and surprise attacks in Valorant.

  • Dark Shroud is Omen’s signature ability and is the best smoke in the game. Using the ability requires practice: during it, Omen floats above the map in ghost mode and aims. If you place the ball at a height, it will slowly descend until it lands on the surface, allowing you to surprise your opponents by activating a dark shroud above their heads.
  • Paranoia is a great flash drive that rushes in a straight line through walls and limits the view of any agents it hits.
  • Hidden Step is a short-range teleport, reminiscent of Reaper’s similar ability in Overwatch, but with much less range. It allows you to occupy a high ground or move inside your dark cover.
  • From the shadows. Global Teleport is Omen’s ultimate ability, but it’s not the easiest to use. Opponents will be notified that the enemy Omen is teleporting, but their minimap will be covered in darkness while the ability is cast. A shadow will appear at the arrival point, which opponents can immediately kill, thereby disrupting the teleport. The ability combines well with dark cover.

Another feature that is useful for a beginner to know about is the ability to safely pick up a spike dropped by a killed ally using a shadow. To do this, you need to use your ult directly on the spike (fortunately, its location is indicated on the map), and then immediately cancel it: the shadow will pick up the bomb right in front of the surprised opponents and bring it into your hands.


And what role-playing shooter would be complete without a skilled engineer and her turret? Killjoy is the easiest character to learn as a Sentinel in Valorant. At higher levels of the game she is less popular, but using her while gradually learning other defenders is a good idea.

  • The Hive is a Killjoy grenade that releases a swarm of aggressive nanobots and requires manual activation once dropped. The hive goes well with the other abilities of the brilliant German.
  • An alarm bot is an alarm that is installed on the ground and is activated automatically when an enemy appears nearby. The alarm bot attacks an approaching enemy and puts a vulnerability effect on him, thanks to which Killjoy or her allies arrive in time to easily deal with him. Even if the bot is destroyed, you will receive a notification about this.
  • Killjoy’s signature ability, which works the same way as all other turrets in RPG shooters: automatically attacks an enemy within its field of view, and also notifies of its appearance with a loud signal. Unlike Torbjorn’s Turret in Overwatch or the Engineer in Team Fortress 2, the Killjoy Turret doesn’t do much damage and has low health, so you won’t be able to use it as your main way to kill enemies.
  • Block is the most powerful ultimate ability for territory control. Because of this ability, the team especially loves Killjoy in Valorant. You install a generator that creates a vast spherical field and begins the countdown. All opponents who have not left the field by the time the generator is activated will be slowed down and unable to attack or use abilities, which turns them into easy targets. The generator can be destroyed, so place it out of sight of enemies: around corners, crates, or in allied smoke.

Killjoy is one of the best agents for newbies in Valorant, and the best guardian for newbies.

Of course, an agent in the game Valorant should be chosen not only based on general characteristics. You need to understand what style of play you prefer, so try new things and find yours.