Play a super hero in the original City of Heroes or play a super villain in the expansion/sequel. Players with both games can fight in good-versus-evil PVP. In addition players will both games only pay one subscription fee instead of two. CoH stands out as one of the simplest MMORPGs that you can pick up and just start playing.

MMORPG Rank by GameOgre: #4

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Author: visitor
Rating: 8
Comment: The best MMORPG for people that normally don’t like MMORPGs.

Author: uberman
Rating: 8
Comment: Played this for a few months while I waited on World of Warcraft. WoW came just in time because I am getting bored with it. I may go back to it when CoV comes out though.

Author: The Dragon
Rating: 10
Comment: I think City of Villains will make it much better but the game is still improving through the free updates.

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City of Heroes wins Most Innovative Online Game for 2004.

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