Yggdrasil has released this game in 2016, and the consents have been very high since then.

The theme isn’t the most original one, but the graphics and the sound effects, definitely fill the lack of originality.

Despite the Viking theme has already been used in games several times, we have to admit that this game does not give you the feeling that you have already played something similar before.

Saying that animations are great do not give justice to them, in fact, they are gorgeous. The environment is very detailed and well made.

The freedom to change the settings, like to increase or decrease the volume, and set it in full screen are definitively handy and appreciable. Experience the game at Thor Slots.

How to play

The main characteristic is its playability. This game is easy to understand and very entertaining. The Players can set the game speed, the volume and the autoplay. The autoplay allows the players to establish a budget. It comes in handy when playing. To win the Player has to get at least three consecutive scores.

The 4 Vikings and the Rage

They are the main characters in this game. Any time the Player wins with the complicity of a Viking, that character sees hits rage growing, until it explodes rewarding the Player with the Viking in Berzerk mode.

A Viking in Berzerk mode is an evolution of a normal Viking who always win against the Siren.

The Treasure Chest

Probably the best part of the game. A chest full of gold appear to the Player and a new round get triggered. Players are called to select one, on five, wooden chest. The number hidden behind will be the multiplier of the loot, for an immediate winning.

Final thoughts

Viking Go Berzerk is something more than just an excellent way to experience Viking mayhem!

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