The online gaming industry in India is one of the most anticipated industries at the moment. The exponential growth in the last couple of years has had the industry analysts closely watch the developments. According to Google-KPMG report with a growth rate of 20 percent, the industry is expected to touch USD 1 billion in the year 2021 from its current USD 360 million. Having caught up the fancy of internet-savvy gamers, online gaming offers huge growth opportunities both for new entrants of the industry and for avid gamers too.

  1. Easy accessibility of internet

The internet penetration in the country has picked up in the last couple of years. With internet service providers offering the best tariff plans and the availability of these services even in small towns and every nook and corner of the county, it has been a boon for the gaming industry to thrive in such an environment. The internet services on smartphones have indeed fueled the growth of the industry.

  1. Smartphone revolution

A country where landline phone connectivity was limited too bigger cities and tier I and tier II cities, the smartphone revolution has been the game changer. The availability of smartphones with a decent configuration at budget prices has made it one of the most selling commodities too in the recent times. PC penetration was limited and console games were unheard to the masses. In such a scenario, the availability of affordable smartphones was catalytic in the fast adoption of smartphones in the country. Today, it is no surprise to know the fact that India holds the distinction of having the second largest number of smartphone users in the world just behind China.

  1. Availability of traditional card games online

Games have been an integral part of Indian culture. Especially, traditional cards games like free rummy have managed to retain their popularity despite the emergence of several other kinds of games. Today, the availability of rummy as online rummy is indeed bliss for avid rummy players who can now enjoy playing their favourite cards games online. These games with their attractive features in their digital format have retained the essence of the original rummy game. In addition, with the availability of the mobile versions of these games, popularity is soaring higher and higher.

  1. Entertainment, fun and prizes to win

One of the most lucrative features of online gaming is the entertainment element of the games and the fun included. Gamers get to choose from different genres of the games while playing for fun and challenges are loaded in abundance too. Apart from these, online games like esports competitions are now proving to be a credible source for earning extra cash. The icing on the cake is players may choose to play online rummy for cash at any time of the day and at any place.


Online games are big in terms of the games and their operations. As the proliferation of these games continue to witness an upward trend, traditional card games like online rummy is transforming to be the face of entertainment of the future.


  1. India is a huge country, when you really think about it: Over 1.3 billion people. Plus it’s one of the countries with a growing tech industry (IT, chip manufacturing, etc.), especially competing against other countries like China, which consequentially is probably influential in the growth of other related industries like the gaming industry.

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