In this digital age, most human interaction often involves sending quick text messages over the various messaging apps. While this can help us stay connected wherever we are across the world, it has, somewhat, replaced the intimacy of needing to meet up face-to-face when talking about our lives. There are, however, many fun things to do with friends when you want a good catch up. Here are a few spectacular ideas.

Go Hiking

A long hike can make you happier, and a walk together through forests or mountains is a great way to enjoy nature. Try to keep your eyes focused on the path; there is plenty to discover, such as colorful butterflies, old farmhouses, birds of prey soaring in the sky, flowers along the way, animal tracks on the forest ground and panoramic views.

Play Badminton

Playing badminton is more fun than some people might admit! The gameplay is so simple that it makes you almost a bit embarrassed to rejoice like crazy when you hit the ball. The ability to be able to hit the ball again and again, and watch it fly in a high arc to your teammate is incredibly exciting. Here’s a task: why not try to beat the ball back and forth without letting to drop? Have a go and see how long you can do it.

Play Games

If you enjoy playing games, why not invite your friends over for a games night? You can play interactive games such as Jackbox TV, multiplayer games on PS4 (Fortnite being a huge success), or, if you like the adrenaline of gaming, you can play online together. There are many companies who specialize in different games. Reputable gaming websites include Steam,, and a Canadian online casino  which offers promotions like ‘Refer a Friend’ or ‘Reload Bonus Week.’

Have a Photo Shoot

Fancy a fun-filled activity which makes you and your friends feel beautiful? If so, grab your best friends and have some professional photos taken by a photographer. A photo shoot is a fun group activity that will give you a reason to dress up and admire yourself.

Earn Money Together

Yes, this is admittedly not a very sociable activity, but at least it’s better than sitting in bed and doing nothing the whole day! You and your friends can earn money by carrying out online surveys. Take part in valuable opinion polls from the comfort of your own home.

Have a Movie Marathon

Invite your friends around, have a mountain of snacks ready, and get comfy. You can all sit in your loungewear and completely relax. Choose a genre everyone enjoys. For instance, are you horror fans? If so, watch all the Halloween films or spend your day watching the Friday 13th franchise. Want to watch nostalgic girly films? Clueless and Mean Girls will tick the box. There are many great films, so ensure you find out first which films will keep you entertained.

Cook Some Delicious Food

Invite your friends for a leisurely evening of cooking. Decide on a country and cook the staples. Pasta and pizza for Italy, ramen and sushi for Japan, dahl and naan bread for India. There are many delicious delicacies you and your friends can make from the comfort of your home.


  1. With so much disconnect from the real world due to lockdowns, I think this is a good reminder of activities you can enjoy with friends when things start to get back to normal. And especially when it comes to games, there are activities you can do with friends like play co-op multiplayer games, play LAN multiplayer games, or play physical games like tabletop and board games.

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