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Agario is more of a free online multi-player game than a strict arcade game and is actually very fun despite its simple appearance. You start out as a cell trying to devour other cells to be the biggest cell in the world. Bigger cells eat smaller cells so size definitely counts here. This game is a little like fish in the ocean because there is almost always a bigger fish. In this case, there are many bigger fish when you first start. You have to duck and dive to not get trapped. Your game ends as soon as you are eaten. I was able to get the my Ogre purple cell to a nice after 10 minutes but finally a gigantic twosome corned me near the top for a nice snack. This is the best free multiplayer game I have came across in sometime. It deserves at least a few minutes of playtime.

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1. Free online game.

2. Multiplayer only.

3. You can play as a guest or sign up through Facebook.

4. Survival of the fittest in its truest form.

5. Has a live leaderboard.

6. Records your score, time played, and whether you made the leaderboard or not after each death.

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Agario is another free game published for the web and is supported by advertisements.

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  1. This is an interesting indie game, I found it hilarious when I got eaten by Canada. Think about that for a second… eaten by Canada. :O I mean I don’t think that can be topped.

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  2. Great game for fun, I always go on “Teams” so i could stay behind my bigger teammate…

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  3. Mini game where you play as cell and you need to eat other players to grow up…Very entertaining game i like is so much….I love to play it with friends we are having alots of fun, very playable

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  4. One of my favorite browser games, what’s great about is it that it’s html5 supported. When you’re starting out just try and stay away from players with a bigger body than you and eat little ones to gain more mass.

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  5. Simple game that turned out to be a great success! I have not personally played it by myself, but i have watched some of my buddies play it. I have also watched Youtubers play it and it doesn’t look too bad honestly.

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  6. This was probably the first “io” game I’ve ever played, and it is easily one of the best. I remember playing this game spring of 2015 and it was just addicting; even the biology theme behind the game is kind of cool since it’s about colonies forming in a Petri dish of agar, hence the name “”. You start off as a small cell feeding on smaller cells until you become a macrophage and then you completely dominate the game. The skins were kind of cool as well, since you could play as a cell representing your own country. And even better, this game doesn’t use Flash Player or Unity Web Player; it really is HTML5, and the game truly showed the potential of HTML5 technology. There are now hundreds of io games out there, but I think is still the best of the io games. Overall, I’d rate this game a 4.9/5; truly stunning for its simplicity and influential in the progress of HTML5 and other io games.

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