Bitcoin player Flip2pogi recently had a record-breaking win. His risky play netted him a cool 39.08 Bitcoin on the game Safari, a princely sum amounting to over sixty eight thousand US Dollars following current market trends. The best part? He never even had to leave the comfort of his own home. For shrewd gamers, sites such as offer a unique and rewarding way to enjoy classic and new-age games in comfort and privacy. The most skilled or lucky ones among these players can reap huge rewards, as Flip2pogi proves with this gigantic windfall.

New Age Opportunity

Bitcoin games are a modern, digitized version of classic games. These offer a wide variety of mini-games, ranging from fantasy to sports games. The most reputable sites license games from verified, third party development houses which adds an extra degree of security and the surety that a player is playing a fair game. Such third-party sources include Endorphina who touts a “complete analysis of the gaming market” to develop games which are engaging and fair to their players.

Classic Games with a Modern Twist

Safari is one of the many games offered by the Endorphina company. Games such as Safari have been developed for maximum appeal to game fans with similar mechanisms and playing styles while also taking the fullest advantage of the features and opportunities unique to online play. Safari in particular aims to bring players an “unforgettable atmosphere and the true effect of presence at the top destinations of the African safari.”

Chances for All

Backed by the most modern encryption methods, online bitcoin games take discretion to a level beyond that which traditional games can offer. Players are assured in the total security of the games, their actions in it, and the transfers of their balances to their online Bitcoin Wallet. On top of this, recent advances in global regulatory normalization coupled with steadily increasing interest from businesses and banks have caused the Bitcoin price to skyrocket. The Bitcoin now trades at a healthy $1760.


  1. From his username Im guessing he’s from the Philippines and that translates to 3million pesos!! Game on!

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