Throughout this period of Pandemic, our game recommendations have been doled out time and again. Back in the day, all of us fantasized about just being at home, a time when you could stay inside and be lazy. It did seem like a glorious preposition. But now, it’s been half a year, and we are all beginning to go crazy. Moreover, watching The Office reruns over and over again must have also gotten boring. So, what do you do now? It is time you check out some fantastic mobile games that we have rounded up for you. These will be the perfect distractions from all the bad news, well temporarily.

Ravenhill: Hidden Mystery

Well, the theme of Ravenhill is to look for the hidden objects in the pictures. Kevin, an English essay writing expert with TFTH, says that he loves playing Ravenhill because it takes him back to his childhood days when he used to enjoy those bizarre I-spy days. In this game, you’ll be in for some satiating sounds, an immersive storyline, fantastic graphics, and fun minigames. Moreover, Ravenhill’s rewarding gameplay would undoubtedly make you want to play more and more of it. You can avail of an array of free boosters. So, you wouldn’t have to ever invest in the in-game purchases.

80 Days

It is old, but gold. If you still haven’t played the 80 days, there’s no better time than the present. It is a strategy game that gives you the quest to race around the world in less than 80 days. In this time, you’ll have to balance your finances and health, while continually keeping an eye on the time to ensure that you do not lag anywhere. The story of the game is extensive, and things will be a bit different every time you play the game. It does not have any in-app purchases, so that’s refreshing too.


It is an exciting game, which demands you to stay in bed. There’s no set objective, no winning, no countdowns, and no timers. So, the game’s idea is to encourage the players to be gentle with themselves and take good care of their mental health. You’ll get some bits of encouragement and sweet reminders, which will make you feel peaceful after every session. Steffy, an employee of Top Assignment Experts who help students by offering do my homework service by TAE, says that #SelfCare is one game that she can play every day and never get sick of it.


Hearthstone is a bit of a controversial game because of Blizzard’s less than stellar history as a company. However, it is a good game, and it is easy to learn but tough to master. It has solo game modes and weekly tavern brawls, which keeps the things fresh for the users.


Florence is not your typical game. It is created and crafted by Monument Valley designers and is undoubtedly one of our personal favorites. Florence is a narrative-driven game, which will take you some hours to complete. Martin, who offers essay writing service for college students in association with EssayWriter4U, says that he just played Florence, and it has been a while since he completed the game, and it is still fresh in his memory. It is so fascinating that it would get hard for you to get it out of your head too soon. Well, we don’t want to divulge out too many details and ruin the fun for you. But, trust us when we say this, it is truly worth your time.

Pandemic: The Board Game

Well, seems timely? Nonetheless, we are indeed big fans of Pandemic. It is a board game, scaled down to fit in your smartphone. You can play it alone or pass on your phone around two or even four people and enjoy some multiplayer action. The objective of the game is to find a cure for the new global Pandemic. Sounds interesting? Well, you have to play it to double the fun.

AdVenture Capitalist

Gracia, who works with TrumpLearning, says that she loves playing idle games because they do not require a lot of hard work or critical thinking. AdVenture Capitalist is one such idle game. It is fun and you can passively play it. You can start with only one lemonade stand and then progress to get richer in the game. All of this can happen with just a few taps. If you feel that capitalism is not your thing, you could try out AdVenture Communist. It has almost similar gameplay. Moreover, both of these games are full of humor that will have you burst out in laughter.

Mystic Messenger

Mystic Messengers is an otome game, wherein the characters in the game text, chat, email, and call you. The game spans over 12 days. In this period, you’ll encounter a lot of mystery, intrigue, and romance. The game has a multi-layered story, which has a couple of branches and endings too.