Although guns have their obvious place in many online games, there are still many that offer big and beautiful works of art for weapons like the swords pictured in the featured image. Other online games feature brutal looking machines of pixel destruction. While some gamers enjoy solely playing online games, others prefer taking it further to enjoy other types of online entertainment. If you’re one of those who are interested, you might benefit from this Heart Bingo promotion code, that offers a useful welcome bonus upon registration. Anyway you slice it (pun intended), there is something for everybody.

For me, I normally choose the more brutal games to the cartoony works of art, but there exceptions such as AQ3D. Since the topic here is great weapons in online games lets start with this game for an obvious reason.  As mentioned before in other articles, that game has made 3 different weapon skins for us including two Ogre Clubs and one Ogre Sword/Cleaver. Other than an Ogre Machete many years ago in another game (think it was a zombie game), this is the one time a company has went out of its way to make weapons just for The two clubs are the Ogreman’s Club and the Smashinator while the cleaver/sword is the Ogreman’s Cleaver of Boom. Yes, doom (think it was being used for something else in the game) was the original word proposed, but boom works just as good if not better!

Listed below are other online games with great fantasy weapons in no particular order:

Final Fantasy Franchise 

Although it does offer some weapons that are either hit or miss such as the Gunblade from FFVIII, this franchise has also provided some of the best fantasy swords in any games such as the Ragnarok, Save the Queen, the Masamune (extra large katana), and, of course, the Buster Sword from FFVII.

World of Warcraft


This is game I personally played for many years and has way too many awesome weapons to list, so will just name a few that look a bit “ogrish”! Of course, these will be either maces or axes and the weapon I always liked the best will be first mentioned. The Unstoppable Force was the one weapon I wanted the most and used the longest. Just the looks of it screams brutal ogre weapon! Other interesting WoW weapons include the Whirlwind Axe, the Gleaming Ravager, Sulfras, and Nighttime.


Diablo 3

Last but not least, there is Diablo 3. Even more than its predecessors, Diablo 3 offers some very special weapons including the Fjord Cutter, the Maw Axe, the War Blade, and Ambo’s Pride.

That is all for this installment of great weapons in online games, but there will be more!


  1. The first game I think of, when I think of fantasy weapons, would probably be Terraria, not so much World of Warcraft or Diablo 3. There’s just a huge abundance of weapons in Terraria, and the weapons are creative since they have various gimmicks that you just don’t see in other games. For instance, weapons like the Rainbow Gun and the Meowmere shoot out rainbows, and then you have a weapon like the Nebula Blaze that shoots out particle effects of its own. Could just be me, but Terraria’s weapons have always been one of the most memorable.

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