There is no denying that video games have risen significantly over the last few years, but it is true to say that this impressive growth has been the story for much of the industry’s life. Many will know how video games were initially viewed with caution, especially parents who had children who seemed to become infatuated with them. However, video games still appealed to a great number of people and the industry had no problem with making revenues that would eventually rival the biggest in the world. Today, the video game industry is the biggest in entertainment, and billions of people across the world call themselves gamers.

However, all these people don’t just play on the same device. Instead, the community is split across multiple devices, and most of the time this means that they are limited to playing games with people who share their device only. When this is taken into consideration, those who are looking to get into video games will be faced with a choice that might be difficult to consider. Devices that are capable of playing video games can be pricey, and no one wants to make the wrong decision that could leave them out of pocket with a device that they regret buying.

In order to decide where the best place to play games is, people must look at their situation. If a person is social and wants to play with their friends more than anything, it only makes sense to get the same device that they have, as this is the best way to ensure that friends can play with each other online. Some games have a cross-play feature where the choice of console does not matter, but this is not the case with all games. GTA V is a good example that everyone enjoys as they can do a range of activities such as play with friends. In addition, those looking to put their skills to practice can visit sites like to play online. GTA V is not a cross-play game, which means friends will need to ensure they buy it on the right console.

Another thing that will decide where someone plays is by examining the game selection of each platform. PlayStation, Xbox and even PC all have their exclusives and this means that subscribing to one means cutting off access to other games that can only be played elsewhere. While those who are more fortunate would have no problem buying all these devices, those on a budget will have to choose which games they like the look of most. It should be said that there are more exclusives to enjoy on PlayStation though as, in recent years, Xbox has slowly started to favor a more inclusive approach by making games available on PC too. This makes sense though as Microsoft owns both Windows and Xbox.

By now, aspiring gamers should have a good idea of what platform to choose to play games on as it all comes down to their situation.


  1. Yeah, having the same device (or system) makes sense for certain games. It’s kind of unfortunate that I can’t play Minecraft (Java Edition – PC) with friends that play Minecraft (Bedrock Edition – console).

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