New Star really went above and beyond, didn’t they? Yes, yes they did. At least, for an update that came relatively fast for the amount of content. Man, this was an update! One flooded with features and detail to the brim. There was so much gaming goodness going on that it was similar to But I digress… what were the highest highs of this update is all about?

  • You can now petition the commissioner to increase the salary cap for 100 coaching credits. Keep in mind that you get about 2 a week… so spend wisely. Otherwise, this is an excellent addition to an up and coming game with even greater potential than it has reached. I have used this new feature several times already and I can tell you that, with a strong, high-maintenance team… it is a must at some point. Keep it in mind, folks!
  • Defenders can now dive… forwards. Dear God
  • In all seriousness, though, defenders being able to dive forwards is a much-needed feature that prevents you from cheesing the AI Madden-style on 2-Point Conversions and runs up the gut/short passes. It has also cost me more games than I expected due to me attempting a 2-point try and getting stuffed by a leaping defender over the pile of men. If I could give you one piece of advice on this game, it would be to tread carefully…
  • You now have to scout players in the Draft to find out how good they are. This is truly a, dare I say it, step in the right direction. It prevents you from being able to know every player’s strengths and weaknesses by simply looking at them in the Draft, like before. Retro Bowl is starting to creep up on Madden, now isn’t it. It just needs defense, and repla-
  • DID SOMEBODY SAY REPLAY!!! Yes, Retro Bowl now has replay, and you can even slow it down to your liking. I have been able to record some of my highlights like this, and, oh boy are they beautiful to watch… for the 58th time… today. Hopefully, the next update or so has user defense. We can only hope for now.

Disclaimer: replay is part of the Unlimited Version, which I recommend you purchase. Why? To support New Star in their pursuit of the ultimate mobile football game. It’s only a dollar, and once you have it, you have it for life. Seriously. Even if you delete the game. Unlimited also allows you to edit teams, conferences, and divisions, plus turn off weather… if you want to turn off weather. Hey, an option is better than no option, right EA?

  • Finally, you can level up, extend the contract of, or boost the condition of, a player by having a meeting with them. Keep in mind, it is an increasingly high amount of CC’s to level a player up depending on how high the level of the player in question is.

And that just about sums it up! Retro Bowl is a growing game, with a load of support as of late. (4.7 stars and more than a million downloads on the Google Play Store.) I truly hope that it continues like this, as it has massive potential, both present and future. And, honestly, who knows what’s next? User defense, coaching trees, more in-depth scouting, a Scouting Combine/Showdown, All-Star Game, even a… soundtrack? We shall see. Until then, Retro Bowl is “just” the best mobile NFL game on the market, and we should all support it. For the sake of the developers, and the game itself. Who knows, maybe it will become the next great mobile sports sensation? We shall see.