If you want to have the best online gaming experience possible these days, you have to have a good broadband setup. in order to do that for the first time, you need to learn more about broadband and all of the deciding factors needed to buy that service.

What exactly is Broadband?

Broadband is an internet service that is among the most used for internet access due to its high internet access speeds, and it is usually offered in four distinctive forms. They include; Digital Subscriber Line, cable, fiber-optic, and satellite. The only non-broadband internet service that is available in the market is the old-dial-up connection. It is cheaper than the new developments, but people are still shifting to fast broadband internet connections.

Digital Subscriber Line (DSL)

It is an internet service that establishes its connection through the utilization of telephone wires that have no telephone service interruptions at any point. The internet service received usually depends on the distance from the DSL switching station. The nearer one is to the switching position, the faster the internet service and vice versa. Therefore, ones’ location helps in determining the selection of DSL internet service and reliable cable connection.

Broadband Cable Connection

The provider of the cable connection is the local cable television provider. The cable internet connection is dependent on the number of people connected at any given time. In a given geographical location, the internet service users usually share the bandwidth connectivity, leading to slow internet speed due to the high number of people on the specific system.

Slower speeds are experienced when many users are logged into the service during peak hours, like late evenings when people have gotten to their homes after a long day of work. At times, the cable company misleadingly estimates the speed of the connections with the idea that people are using their services, and normally it is not the case.

Broadband Fiber-Optic connection

It is the newest internet service connection and it is the fastest in providing internet connections so far. However, the type of offered internet services is in the introduction stages in the market. Access to the services is limited because it takes time to complete the required fiber-optic cables. In the areas where the internet connection is available, the costs actively compete with DSL and cable, and the connection services are faster.

Broadband Satellite connection

It is provided by satellite, and it is the slowest broadband connection service. It is a great replacement for the old dial-up connection for people particularly located in rural areas. The associated installation costs are high, but current monthly charges are competitive to cable and DSL connections.

Advantages of broadband choices


There are many benefits linked to various broadband choices like cable and DSL services. People enjoy greater bandwidth than other forms of internet access. It makes multitasking easier for computer users who have several applications running in the background as they surf the web. Listening to audio while surfing the web is possible with the two connections.


Computer networking at home is now easier with the broadband connection when one uses a modem that could be wireless or wired.


The annual cost of broadband services is higher than the old dial-up services, but one gets to enjoy all the associated advantages; hence paid costs are worth it in the long run. After being part of Broadband, one enjoys playing the many and popular computer games relying on the purchased and reliable internet connection.


With the old dial-up internet service connections, people can engage ones’ phone line when they are using it, unlike with the broadband connection. In simpler terms, when one has a broadband connection, they do not require to use the traditional phone line any longer.


It is an advantage that people connected to Broadband get to enjoy as their connectivity is constant with the selected internet service.  One can quickly connect with their work intranet and emails within seconds.

Factors to put into consideration


The bigger part of the population considering between the four broadband internet service options usually narrow down their search options to DSL and cable sine they are the most popular services. The best approach to use when searching for the right internet service selection is asking the people within the geographical location about the service they use and its reliability. Having views from different people helps in making the right selection decisions.


There are offered broadband internet services like cable and DSL that offer speedy intent connections. The fast, speedy, and efficient connections cannot be realized if the received connections are not reliable. For example, with cable connections, the shared bandwidth, the number of users at any given time, and network latency determine its reliability.


Bandwidth is among the factors that determine the speed of the internet connection. It is considered the measure of data quantity entering a network within a given period, and its measurements are in bps orbit per second. When the data flow is high, the network internet connection is therefore great. Broadband connections support data rates start from 300kbps and higher compared to the old dial-up that can support a maximum of 53kbps.


Latency adds to the other factors that have a great effect on the speed of internet connection. It refers to any delays experienced during network data processing. For a network to be considered as having low latency experiences only small delays when processing network data.

For high latency, the network experiences long delays. With excessive latency, bottlenecks are created from data transmissions preventing additional data from coming through; hence, it effectively reduces the cable’s bandwidth connectivity. Therefore, even when the cable bandwidth of a persons’ internet connection is well set, bottlenecks of data and higher user numbers reduce its effectiveness.


With broadband internet connection service like DSL connection, the distance from the switch station determines the speed of the connection. When one is further away from the switching station, the internet speed is severely reduced, unlike when one is closely located to the switching station.

In conclusion, an internet connection is always on when a broadband connection is installed. To maintain the connection a cable or DSL modem is used, and unplugging the connections leads to losing the internet connection. Access to the internet when using a broadband service one simply double clicks on their internet browser, and the default web page opens up and starts their surfing experience.