In the world of gaming, there are a huge number of variables that can have an impact on things like popular items and popular ways to play the game. In sports games, popular teams can determine what people play, events can influence teams too as NZ sports odds for example change picked teams in FIFA, and transfer news can be interesting too.

In games with collectibles, professional players can influence certain skin choices or certain skin prices, and Counter-Strike has always been a huge title where this influence can equal a large amount of money passing hands too. In the past there have been skins attracting a healthy figure not only because of the way it looks but because of the particular pattern behind it, but many don’t measure up to the latest item in the CS skin world.

The AK-47 has long been an iconic skin in the game, and for CSGO, the case-hardened pattern has been just as popular with certain patterns showing a larger amount of blue on the weapon finish can fetch a pretty price. Some of the patterns considered to be “tier 1” can fetch hundreds of thousands of dollars and are items that are regularly sold and collected. This exact collectible item is exactly what’s capturing the eye of skin collectors in the game.

The specific pattern index for the case-hardened in question is the 661 pattern, sometimes known by collectors as the scar pattern. It has a significant amount of blue amongst the top of the item which is the most visible part of the item when using it in game and has the bluest of any case-hardened pattern. Alongside the patterns, different qualities of skin wear also exist – Factory New is the cleanest look, Battle-Scarred being the worst wearing pattern, and a few in-between, and these can also have an influence over price too. One other addition is the StatTrak counter, a counter on the item that shows how many kills a player has in-game too, which can influence price.

All of these features have culminated on one of the rarest skins in the game, a StatTrak Factory New 661-pattern case-hardened, the first two exist in the game, and one that has garnered a significant amount of attention. Early speculation puts the price of the skin at one million dollars but given how unique the item is and other factors that can increase price such as stickers, the actual value may end up being quite a bit higher.

With these items being traded on a daily basis, the lucky owner of this skin may decide to trade it, collectors however tend to hold onto these items for a long period of time it could remain in the inventory of one player, continuing to feed the speculation of just how much it’s worth. For many on the outside, it’s quite a comical thing, in game cosmetic items that make difference to how the game is played being able to fetch such large amounts of money, but many skins before have done so and some collectors hold a small fortune in their inventories, making it likely this item will change hands a few times before the future of Counter-Strike in years to come may render it obsolete.