It’s very evident how the barrier between eSports and regular sports is blurring. With the recent advancements in technology, never before have people been this serious about gaming. Gone are the days when video games were referred to as child’s play.

Now, these games are considered as serious areas of entertainment. This makes them comparable to physical sports like basketball and football. A good example of how eSports is dealt with today is how reputable game companies are treating the industry.

A recent study by Goldman Sachs states that the eSports industry was valued at $500 million in 2016. This figure is constantly rising by 22% yearly. And by the year 2020, it will become a billion-dollar industry. That’s how exponential its growth is. Though it might be a good thing for pro gamers, this transition is still not as easy as it sounds.

The current problem is that there are some gamers that aren’t very knowledgeable about the eSports industry. This is a very serious issue as this can lead to inaccurate expectations which can then cause a commotion among game developers and gamers.

So why is this happening?  It stems from the fact that these gamers are more used to dealing with regular sports like basketball and football. And that the ones usually in charge of these companies are Generation X people.

Meaning, they’re not yet that technologically-savvy. In simpler terms, they have little to no experience in playing video games. The root cause isn’t really that hard to discover, as it’s just a matter of the differences in culture and age.

But can you call it quits for the industry? Well, we think otherwise. It’s because the future of eSports doesn’t rely only on a few gamers. There are also other gaming companies that are specifically targeting eSports fans.

These are the ones who are 100% knowledgeable on the different video games. Unfortunately, these eSport experts usually lack any gaming expertise. So what does this bring us? The answer to that is simple: and that the eSports fans and eSports gaming companies should help each other. Because after all, change is inevitable, and it’s up to the old and the young ones on how they’re going to make the gaming industry’s future survive — and thrive.

Whether we like it or not, the gaming industry is gradually tilting more to eSports. As long as more people are hooked up to the internet, there will always be more gamers. And as more gamers become immersed in video games, they would then start to deal with more serious activities like eSports. That’s the path where the eSports industry is heading to.

One good example of why eSports is the future of the gaming industry is Dota 2. This RPG/MOBA is becoming one of the top games online. The game is nothing more than just an updated version of the original Warcraft custom map, DotA (Defense of the Ancients).

It was released as an all-new PC game on July 2013. And since then has amassed gamers from almost all corners of the world, especially in Asia and Europe. Now, the game’s pool of competitive pro gamers is constantly increasing.

One scenario that proves this is the number of pro game matches happening every day. Take for example last November 1, where 14 pro games were played. Two of these matches are the Gambit Gaming vs. Team Spirit and Effect vs. M19 games. Another highly sought-after game was between Invictus Gaming and LGD Gaming. Also take note that as a rule of thumb, the latest eSports betting tips always recommend you to think twice. The underdog and the favorite in eSports games aren’t the same with sports games, as they’re more inclined to change.

To sum things up, it’s pretty clear how eSports are becoming a more mainstream channel for gamers. After all, future gamers won’t be those interested in racing or some other classic game. Rather, the kids of today will be the ones to take over the gaming industry with eSports.

Let’s just hope that they become responsible gamers.


  1. Well Esports industry has been getting more popular as time has went on. I really didn’t get into watching any forms of it until i found out about Ultra Street Fighter 4 and i have been watching matches from Youtube and it’s interesting to watch. I am currently watching Street Fighter 5 Esport matches and i am having good time with it.

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  2. Valued at 500 million?! Jeez, didn’t know that. I think we will see this type of thing grow larger in the next following years. Highly doubt it will become as popular as regular sports though.

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  3. Well you have to realize that the gaming industry is a huge industry. It isn’t all about eSports of course, and not all gamers are going to tune into eSports. If you were to create a pie chart, I think eSports would probably make up about 4% or less of gamers, whereas most of the other percentage would represent casual gamers, mobile gamers, etc.

    Of course, this isn’t to undermine eSports in anyway. eSports is still trendy to this day and even popular on streaming sites like Twitch. I think it’s neither a fad (i.e. a trend that’s short-lived) nor is it the future of gaming (i.e. will change how people view or play games), simply just a culture, similar to how actual sports is a culture ingrained in everyday life.

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