In a recent interview, Brendan Greene discussed how just three years ago, he was living on income support in his native Ireland and being asked when he would stop tinkering around with online games and go find a job. Today, the man behind PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is a multi millionaire, in a rags to riches story that reads like a fairytale for the new millennium.

To suggest that we can all exemplify Greene and become overnight millionaires by designing a great game is, perhaps, stretching a point. However, there is no doubt that we can all earn a little extra money doing what we love online. It might not be enough for us to take early retirement, but it could certainly pay for a good night out.

Calling all professional gamers

Beating all opponents has never been easy, but in the internet age, you stand a better chance than ever before. Online games operate with a far lower edge than live ones, as they have significantly lower overheads to meet. That means better odds of a win, and given that the sites listed at are offering freebies, there is literally everything to gain and nothing to lose. Why not give it a try?

Competing in eSports

We all know that if you are at the pinnacle of a sport like football, golf or tennis, you can make some serious money. Isn’t it a shame that you can’t do the same if you are skilled in video games. Just hold on a moment, though, the rise of eSports means that the best gamers can take each other on and win major prizes.

eSports is one of the biggest growth sectors at present, with major investors and celebrity backing from the likes of NFL legend Joe Montana. But is there money to be made? Well, put it this way, competitors at this year’s Dota 2 championship were not just battling for glory, but also for a share of the $20 million prize pot.

Make money from blogging

If you are not quite good enough to come out a winner, remember George Bernard Shaw’s famous idiom: Those that can, do – those that can’t, teach. If you can write about either of these topics in an interesting, unique and informative way, people will come rushing to your blog – and if it’s really good, they will come again and again, and will bring their friends.

A popular and successful blog can be a real money spinner in its own right, as you can sell off lucrative advertising space via Google AdSense. Just remember to use a little self control; if you overdo it, all you will do is turn off your visitors and that, in turn, will frighten away the advertisers.

But a few relevant and unobtrusive ads can be a real bonus to both your site and your bank balance, and if you make a success of it, you can afford to start being choosy.


  1. Of course it’s possible, but might not be the most realistic option for most people. With eSports or competitive gaming, you need the right skills. With video game streaming or even commentary, you need the right personality. Every business, even gaming, requires some commitment, and I think it’s something most people, especially kids that daydream about venturing in the gaming business, don’t consider. Plus I think there’s an oversaturation in the gaming business, so it’s harder to find big success in gaming business, especially when gamers stick to specific things.

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