Similarities Between eSports and Online Gaming

In the last several decades, eSports have become increasingly popular, with games like DotA2 and LoL bringing in millions of active players every day. Defense of the Ancients 2, or DotA2, reportedly has 7.6 active players, with more than 400.000 players active at any given moment.

Online gaming, although not as loudly promoted because of the nature of the entertainment, has seen similar growth, with the market size of over 2 billion dollars in 2020. And then there is obviously the cross-section between the two because people compete in eSports as well.

The popularity of online gaming has been steadily rising for almost a decade, with millions of players joining in with new platforms all the time. And the new popular direction is not to see gaming as something risky and dangerous but as a way to have fun and spice it up a little.

The reality is that no matter if it is competitive gaming and esports, casual gaming with friends and family, or participating in online gaming, there’s truly something for everyone. Speaking of online gaming, the most popular types we should mention are game sites such as the one at

There are a lot of factors that contributed to the uprising success of eSports, some of the main reasons behind its tremendous growth are:

  1. Accessibility
  2. Diversity of games 
  3. Quality of video games 

Two Different Worlds Colliding 

As you may already know, online gaming and eSports are two industries that are not entirely related to each other. However, they do share many things in common. For instance, both online games and eSports involve competition, and both of them are growing rapidly. 

The majority of people like trying new things. That’s why gamer enthusiasts do not like staying on one side for too long, as playing the same games gets boring over time. With that said, game developers are always creating and publishing something new and exciting in gaming and in eSports. 

Moreover, any game quickly becomes content for both video and text reviews. The most popular game on Twitch among the ones also played in eSport tournaments at the moment is Apex Legends, with over 1 million hours streamed and that game was only released in 2019. Valorant, which is the following closely, was released a year later.

Reportedly, the player IiTzTimmy has managed to have 1 million unique views while streaming Apex Legends for a whopping 54 hours straight, which is a record nobody has been able to beat so far. 

Cross-Platform Support

Both online games and esports have made a handful of new games available on various platforms. Furthermore, both of these industries have introduced their players to blockchain technology – one of the latest technological trends in the world.

It can be said that the majority of players view this as a significant milestone for both industries, given the benefits it brings. The most exciting part of this is that we are still yet to see this technology reach its peak. 

Another similarity between these two worlds is competitiveness. One of the games where this point is clearly seen is World of Warcraft. As is the case with eSports, you need to use game mechanics to beat other players rather than explicit physical and mental prowess, but so is everyone else and getting on top is as much about skill as anything else.

At last, both eSports and online games have incorporated virtual reality into their platforms. This type of technological trend, among all others, has put them at the fore of players’ minds. It can not go unnoticed that more and more players are gradually purchasing VR equipment. 


Internet has made its presence felt in just about every aspect of our lives, connecting people throughout the world and digital technology continuously brings science fiction to reality. The introduction of esports has attracted a much younger audience to the industry, which has pushed online games as well as esports to the age of growth. 

Now that there are more people than ever interested in esports as well as online gaming, it only makes sense that the online game industry improves its services, and tries to not only gain but also keep an audience that comes. 

The bottom line is that both of these industries are changing at a fast pace. The esports market has, and will continue to have, a massive impact on gaming, and vice versa. We have yet to see to what extent this will go.