Rift is shaping up to be one of the top MMORPG’s of 2011 if not one of the greatest ever. Although we have heard it many times before once again many claim RIFT will be the WoW Killer. RIFT features stunning graphics and immersive rift events where monsters and bosses pour out of random live rifts in the world. Players will have to team together to destroy the rift and many of the mobs coming out of it. RIFT didnt reinvent the wheel with this game and while you play you will notice many hints and flavors of other games that have come before. What sets RIFT apart is that it took aspects from other games and gave them a shiny new polish and smoothness which made them better. Making RIFT a well oiled machine most people can pick up and enjoy.

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Rift is a pay to play MMORPG. The Box set can cost you anywhere from $49.99 to $79.99 depending on where you buy and if you buy the digital download or a physical copy. Rift’s monthly subscription also keeps with the industry average and costs $14.99 a month with discounts to those who buy more than 3 months at a time.

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Author: Dalkaryn
Rating: 9
Comment: Rift is a new generation MMORPG featuring some really new content (along with the “good” standards of its genre) meant to give a gust of fresh air to the saturated yet really popular genre of the “Theme Park MMORPGs”. We will see “classical” contents (such as great variety of quests mobs dungeons and a lot of breathtaking visuals and suggestive pieces of fantasy setting) together with tasty innovations whose flavor is going to keep us stuck to the screen for a very long time…

Rift has amazing graphics inspiring music and a deatailed lore and story to help player’s immersion in the world of Telara.

Telara is a contended world located in a particular nexus between six dimensional planes whose dwellers (fomented by the Blood Storm the evil dragon gods) are eager to invade and ravage it; two factions (each including three races) with different looks and ways of life but sharing the same purpose of saving Telara from its planar doom rise againist the invasions: the Guardians and the Defiant.
The Guardians (including the Mathosians the Dwarves and the High Elves) stand fiercely as a wall between invading forces and the world: bound to their faith in the Vigil the good gods of Telara they defend the land by the means of honor valor and bravery. The Defiants (including the Bahmi the Eth and the Kelari) blame the gods and their indifference for the ongoing disaster and plan to save the world on their own relying on magics and technology they have created and developed by themselves.

The first most important innovation brought by Rift is the dynamic world: while rifts open in the skies of Telara spitting out the ruthless minions of the evil Blood Storm landscape changes around them transforming a peace of world in an outpost of the invading plane sprawling with vicious beasts and enemies. If left unattended this invasion spreads and can pose a solid threat to the “ordinary life” of an adventuring character by raiding towns occupying questing zones and so on. To keep their territory players have to fight. The dynamic world makes you game experience an unpredictable ever changing one cause there is no “already exploited” or “safe” spot in the world everywhere could become a battlefield. Expanding rifts may also meet each other with overlapping rifts seeing a ferocious clash between the invading forces in which players may participate or just stand watching the carnage (as long it is safe for them).

Another significant innovation the game is bringing up is tha “Ascended Class” system: player avatars incarnate the force and the powers of the ancient heroes of Telara. By choosing one “calling” from the four classic fantasy archetypes of Warrior Rogue Mage and Cleric we can customize our hero with skills and capabilities taken from up to three specialized professions (called “souls”) mixing their “soul” trees (i.e. skill trees similar to the ones we already saw in other games) in order to create most effective combinations or just the ones we feel nearest to our playing style.

Last but not least as far as we know it looks like system requirements to enjoy all these wonders won’t be unreachable and that the game client has reached a consistent degree of stability (which we know to be a really important factor by launch time in determining the future of a MMO).

I am giving just a “hype” evaluation cause I couldn’ try the actual content but basing on the amazingly promising look of this game I give a “9”. This is not “10” just because it looks like some diversifying contents which greatly increase in my opinion the immersion and longevity of a MMO (such as housing cooking fishing and so on) are not going to be present by now or have been lightly developed (maybe in the foresight of future updates) and i feel game could be perfectly completed by such things. Anyway I can’t wait to get myself in the world of Telara to have a fist-eye look of all this and get a clearer sight of this apparently awesome new game. Definitely the hottest game of the moment.

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