Farming Simulator has developed into a very popular franchise and Farming Simulator 19 continues moving the franchise forward. One of the driving forces of the popularity of Farming Simulator 19 and the whole franchise for that matter is the modding community. The mods for the game include everything from improving game play and fixing bugs to new vehicles driving around the farm to various maps, and, of course, shiny new tractors to get the job done! In fact, the mods themselves are so popular that gaming sites like has launched to cover them.

While the vanilla game itself is currently $35 on the PC and all the DLC varies in price, the mods are free. This helps players to constantly improve their experiences in the game without hurting their pocketbooks! Mods also enable players to spend more time with a game than they normally would otherwise. The most popular mods currently for Farming Simulator 19 include the GPS mod, the Courseplay mod, and the Place Anywhere mod.


The GPS mod enables guidance steering for players. There is a tutorial on how to install and use this mod. A version of this mod was apparently also in Farm Simulator 17.


Courseplay Mod

The Courseplay Mod allows you to many vehicles driving around at the same time by themselves. Due to this, the vehicles can accomplish such important tasks as driving fruit to sell points, doing field work, unloading various items, and fill trailers and other storage equipment.


Place Anywhere Mod

The Place Anywhere mod is pretty much self explanatory as with it you can place buildings anywhere on your land including within other buildings! Due to its game rule breaking nature, this mod has been updated to take care of bugs that could impact game play.


That said, give these three Farming Simulator 19 Mods a try if you buy the game!


  1. Players should be truly appreciative for the forenamed mods have exponentially improved the manner in which farming simulator is played.

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