’s latest MMO Giveaway is for Final Fable by IGG. The game is a fantastical RPG where classic fairy tales come alive. Join a host of legendary heroes ranging from Snow White and Red Riding Hood to Pinocchio in their fight for survival.


Key Game Features:

  • Playable on the Android. Can be downloaded.
  • Unique turn-based gameplay.
  • Use your favorite fairy tales to build the best team possible.
  • The characters are very customizable.
  • Collect your favorite fables as special trading cards.
  • Innovative combat for a mobile RPG.

 Code Contents:

30 Apple Queen Shards (Enough to summon the hero)
500 Gems

Code Redeeming Instructions:

1. Once in-game, tap the your characters Avatar in the top left hand part of the main game screen.
2. Select the “Event Code” Tab.
3. Type in your promo code in the box and tap “Claim”.

You can request a code in this post or in our forum:).

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  1. hi,i started the game (final fable)today and i liked .that is why i would like to receive the code thank you.

    jean did not rate this post.
    • Referal code- 47CCLL -Event codes- W77FABLE , 9FABLE08 (zero, not o) and A0FABLE4 , ur welcome 😉

      Kaci did not rate this post.
  2. Hi, been searching for an event code but couldn’t find related information on fb.
    Will I be getting one in here?
    Thank you.

    Aitheus did not rate this post.
  3. I love this game! Looking forward to getting all the heroes! This code would really help! Please??

    Kyle P. did not rate this post.
  4. Hi there. Love the game, I’ve been hooked the past few days. Would love a code please!

    Daniel did not rate this post.
  5. Love love love this game havent been playing for long but im already addicted i cant get enough 🙂 would love the code for this event please and thank you

    jenni did not rate this post.
  6. Codes sent. A few of the last requests may get an extra key from another game. This was a mistake, but feel free to enjoy it:).

    ogreman did not rate this post.
  7. Here are some codes for new players that may help.

    Referral Code – 4D8XEQ – We both get rewards.
    Event Codes – W77FABLE – 9FABLE08 – A0FABLE4 –

    Just you will get rewards!
    I only need 2 more referrals for reward, please help! Thanks!

    Free did not rate this post.
  8. Really nice game.

    If u need a LVL 48 friend use my referral code : 4D4UHO

    Still need 10 friends 🙂

    And then we both get nice items and rewards.

    Event codes : 9FABLE08 | W77FABLE | A0FABLE4 : You must be level 5 to redeem these codes.

    Click on your avatar to fill these codes in.

    Tuvi did not rate this post.
  9. Hi gameogre! Please send me giveaway code for final fable. Thank you so much in advance!

    rob lucci did not rate this post.