Every month for years we have voted on the best online games and the best forum member on GameOgre.com. We start with nominations and then continue on to starting a poll around the 10th of the month. There is an archive of all the monthly winners of Member of the Month and Game of the Month. The MotM winners get a medal to have on their username in the forum for the following month.

Since this is the first day of June, this is the day when a new member and game win. Today, we had two first time winners, which does not happen that often. Both awards have had their share of multiple winners. Crownknight won narrowly and Counter Strike: Global Offensive won easily. League of Legends, one of the dominating past winners, managed some late votes to make the poll appear closer than it really was.

Crownknight seemed to win because although he may be one of youngest members, he is also one of the most passionate about his games. He spends a great deal of time in games like Spelunky, Terraria, and Minecraft. As a result, he has posted tips, guides, and ideas in great detail about these games in the forum. He is also one of the stalwarts in our Ogre Game Time sessions each week.

CS:GO likely won because several GameOgres have the game and others look to get it from the forum shop eventually. We have also played it a couple times on Wednesdays for the Livestream. It is even one of the favored games in the recently started Online Shooter Showdown.

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