With over 250 million players, Fortnite is one of the most popular games to ever be released.

Available on Xbox, Playstation, and PC, this battle royale-style game sees up to 100 players thrown into an arena to compete for the position of last one standing. Players can enter alone or in teams, so it can function as some solo fun or a co-op adventure.

Fortnite can be daunting to get the hang of the first time you jump into an area with many people more experienced than you. Especially as they’re ready to be merciless in the name of victory.

But don’t worry. Although it might take some practice to see consistent wins, you can quickly get the hang of things with these Fortnite for beginners tips.

  1. Don’t Jump From the Battle Bus Right Away

Any match will begin with the Battle Bus crossing the map. A honking sound lets you know you can drop down whenever you choose and glide towards the map.

Many people will jump right away — new people who think that means they must, and experienced players who are looking to dominate the map with a high kill count earlier by picking off those newbies.

When you aren’t too experienced with the game, it’s a better idea to wait. Jumping later means you’ll land in a less populated area and have time to find your feet before gunfire is upon you.

  1. Take Time to Learn About the Different Weapons

One of the key things you’ll have to take into account when learning how to get good at Fortnite is the vast range of weaponry available.

Shotguns are awesome for one-hit kills. Sniper rifles, unsurprisingly, are only good for long-range combat and you should avoid using them in close quarters. Assault rifles are generally the easiest to get the hang of, so snatch one up and keep it handy.

Guns are highlighted by colors, so you know how rare the one you’re picking up is. Grey is the most common, all the way up to the coveted gold.

Always swap out your weapons for one of a rarer color, if given the chance.

  1. Use Headphones

Whether you’re on a console, PC, or even playing Fortnite on Mac, headphones are the most important real world-tool that will help you in-game.

Even if you have the best speakers in the world right in front of you, they’re no substitute for being able to distinguish the direction of gunshots and footsteps.

It works either way — whether you want to flee from the action, or run to it!

  1. Don’t Forget Building Mechanisms — Especially When Healing

No Fortnite starter guide would be complete without emphasizing the importance of building. These mechanisms are just as important as combat.

Materials include wood, metal, and stone, and you should get into the habit of stopping to harvest any that you come across. When you have materials, you can build floors and stairs to provide cover.

Although building is important, it’s also the hardest thing to get the hang of in the game, so start small and work your way up. Throw up a wall when someone is shooting at you, and gradually work on your skills from there to gain the higher ground.

  1. Get the Upper Ground

If there was a guide to Fortnite in one sentence, it would be: get to higher ground.

Higher ground will give you an advantage when someone is shooting you and an even bigger one when shooting back. If possible, climb any nearby buildings to reach the highest point, or build that point yourself.

From a high point, you’ll also have a better chance of a headshot kill.

  1. The Game Has Fall Damage, so Beware

If you need to get from a building over 3 stories to flat ground, don’t launch yourself from it. Many games don’t have fall damage, but a game where one kill takes you out of the entire match means you can’t afford to take a chance.

And now you know: this one does have fall damage.

If you need to get to the ground quickly, build a ramp, or you’re not inside then find a way of sliding down. Cliffs and hills should let you do this.

  1. Figure out Where Your Strengths Lie

When you have all of the basics down, you should figure out where your strengths lie.

There are those who like to move around and be sneaky, picking off players where they can but staying away from the main action. If you’re someone who’s not quick with your weapons and building materials, this might be ideal for you.

But there are also those who are naturally quick with their controller and may be used to battle royale games.

For these people — or the ones who are just impatient and want in on the action — dropping as soon as the Battle Bus lets you and falling straight into the action might actually end up being ideal.

It’s a risk, but if you gain a little experience with the game and can naturally take people out quickly, it works. For some.

Fortnite for Beginners Can Be Intimidating, but You Got This!

The game might seem daunting at first, with so many players in a match who can potentially murder you, but it’s all about learning tactics in the game and being quick when necessary.

You’ll notice that once you have building down and have the hang of each type of gun, from sniper rifles to shotguns, the game becomes infinitely easier and you start to rank higher in the matches.

Ultimately, Fortnite for beginners just means patience and a willingness to learn. Then the real fun begins!

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