The global gaming market continues to be on its all-time high and this is mainly thanks to today’s technology. In 2017, the revenues of the gaming industry have already reached almost 20 billion US dollars in the United States alone.

It is forecasted that the national gaming revenue will reach around 230 billion US dollars by 2022 just in the US. This means that it will be the largest market in the world by then. Based on the Entertainment Design and Research or EEDAR, there are more than 210 million Americans who play video games. This means that over 50 percent of the United States population plays video games.

It was also found that around 90 percent of these people are playing on their mobile devices or smartphones and tablets. This is why many see that the future of gaming is really on mobile technology. Despite this, gaming console giants like PlayStation and Xbox are still doing good.

Online gaming is now extremely popular and a part of this is Esports, which is now something that is taken seriously. Many are now taking part in tournaments and winning huge prizes by playing their favorites video games with a team.

Aside from Esports, streaming video games is also quickly becoming popular. Twitch, a video game streaming site, has all sorts of game streamers on their platform. Even old games are streamed on this site.

Online games that can be played on 24K Casino are also now gaining quite a following on Twitch. It’s just simply interesting to see whether a person can actually defeat the competition from all over the world.

All these types of games are the popular choices nowadays. However, it’s noticeable that mobile games are becoming extremely popular. Even the most popular console games are now expanding to mobile users.

Call of Duty Mobile was launched in October of this year and this is immediately welcomed by the fans. Even non-gamers seem to enjoy this too. It was also recently named the most downloaded game on the Google Play Store.

Aside from Call of Duty Mobile, another popular game that went on mobile a few years back is EA’s The Sims. It’s a huge hit for PC gamers out there but many are still enjoying this on mobile as well.

With these games going mobile, it just makes sense to assume that going mobile is the future of the gaming industry. Even the VR and AI technology are now available for mobile devices. It was in 2016 when Oculus Rift released its VR device but this was quickly followed by mobile companies like Lenovo and HTC.

With this, VR and AI technology for gaming are now available for mobile users as well. A known game that uses the AI technology is Pokemon Go. When this was released in 2016 on mobile devices, it quickly became the most-downloaded game on Google Play and Apple Store.

Sure, it does seem like going mobile is the direction where many gaming companies are heading but the gaming market can be really hard to please. Quality is still something that many players are after and this is obvious because mobile gaming got more popular when the graphics and overall gaming experience that mobile devices can give is already leaning towards what gaming consoles could give.

Of course, mobile gaming still has a lot to improve to reach where gaming consoles are at this point, but it is likely that people will no longer have to buy gaming consoles in the future to play their favorite games. This will all really depend on how mobile technology will evolve.

Currently, there are now ways to enjoy games that are made for consoles on mobile devices. People are using emulators for this and game controllers for mobile devices are also becoming widespread.

Affordability is a factor that many considers as well when it comes to making a purchase and getting a mobile device with good enough specs for gaming is still cheaper than purchasing most gaming consoles.

Mobile devices are just becoming more available to many and this is why the demand for better quality of mobile games is quickly rising.

Overall, mobile technology has already reached a point that many haven’t seen in the past. It won’t be hard to believe if more games will be made available on mobile devices in the future. After all, who would have thought that they can play Call of Duty on a mobile device that used to only offer arcade games like Snake and Impact?


  1. Any future gaming will be based on today’s technology for sure. It’s been like that forever. The big thing is, how will current technology be innovated? Like with VR, virtual reality was around in the 90s with the red-monochrome Virtual Boy, but it wasn’t the best at the time, and now VR is more improved and better than before. Everything happens in sequential steps.

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