In early December, Rockstar unveiled the latest in its long line of major updates to GTA Online. This one has brought the new heist mission to the online community, a few months after the new mission was introduced. Let’s take a look at the patch details, what it means for the game now, and what could come next for Rockstar’s crowning franchise.

It’s the most lucrative media product of all time it is regularly being updated and changed. Since its 2013 release, Grand Theft Auto V has received regular tweaks and patches with numerous major content releases each and every year. One of the biggest of which was the Diamond Resort patch which dropped back in July.

This long-awaited patch finally saw the grand opening of the in-game resort on the GTA online map. The Diamond Resort is a fully-functioning online area in the game.

The games aren’t available in every territory due to strict online laws. In order to play these games, users have to purchase the GTA Online in-game currency and then convert that into Diamond chips. In order to play these types of games for real, players would have to go to an online casino like Betway.

Despite the presence of prizes, this special resort area has proven to be a hit with players. The resort comes complete with purchasable penthouse apartments and a rooftop bar. It’s the peak of luxury and now, in typical GTA fashion, Rockstar is allowing players the chance to rob them blind.

The Diamond Heist update features three novel ways to complete the score. Players can go for a Silent & Sneaky approach to limit the risk and get out with as much money as possible before people notice. Or, they can go down The Big Con route, posing as maintenance workers or pest control contractors in a move reminiscent of one of Warner Bros’ Oceans films.

Failing that, the less subtle players can go for the hands-on approach. The Aggressive option is always available to players either as a starting choice or a plan b. Not completing the heist stealthily doesn’t count as an instant failure in this mission. All the player will have to do is adapt to the changing scenarios and work through the heist with the remainder of their lives.

“Georgina Cheng is on a mission to hit the Duggans where it hurts most: by breaking into the Diamond’s highly secure vault and stealing everything in it,” reads the patch description on Rockstar’s official website.
“With Georgina now calling the shots, and socially awkward criminal mastermind Lester Crest and his vast network of nefarious resources ready to assist, it’s time to take on an ambitious job where the security is state-of-the-art, the preparation options are near-limitless, and the take is off the charts.”

The planning for this mission takes place in a brand new setting. Players will have to purchase the brand new Arcade property to get the ball rolling. This location is dressed by a dozen new playable arcade games such as ‘Monkey’s Paradise’ and ‘Badlands Revenge II’. In the arcade basement, players can get the heist prep underway by doing everything from cracking practice bank vaults to gathering intel on the resort’s security systems before scheduling the heist proper.

Naturally, this update comes with a whole lot of other stuff. There are new vehicles like the Karin Everon, Lampadati Komoda, Maxwell Asbo, Maxwell Vagrant and Vapid Retinue MKII which can all be used on the heist as well as other new sets of wheels like the Rebla GTS as well as some more outlandish choices like a personal fire truck. You’ll want to crank up the radio in your new ride with new in-game songs from artists like J Hus, Travis Scott, and Skepta and a whole lot more.

It’s a really interesting update from Rockstar. GTA Online continues to grow with regular new content patches. This is just the latest in a long line of changes to the online version of the game in the last few years. There’s a reason why it continues to be one of the most-played video games on multiple devices long after its initial release. Who knows what Rockstar will release next but in story terms, it wouldn’t be a surprise to see some form of retaliation from the Duggan family after their prized resort underwent an audacious heist. We’ve certainly come a long way since the original game in this series which was released back in 1997.