Search word games or word search games have you hunting for given words in a wall of text. These games are intellectually challenging, and they’re often fun. They make you think. They teach you how the words are spelled. That’s why you may want to know how to create your own search word games and other word games based on today’s vocabulary lessons.

Use a Tool to Create the Word Game for You

It isn’t really convenient to try to draw your own crossword puzzle or create one for someone else to play. This is why crossword puzzle makers exist on the internet as well as in app form. Enter the words, and it will create clues and the puzzle itself for you. You can print it out and fill it in, or you can fill it in online.

You can use a word unscrambler tool to create word scrambles. This sort of thing is even easier for a computer, since it just shuffles the letters and provides the right number of blanks. These tools may let you print out the word game, or you may fill it in online.

One of the benefits of using software, apps and online tools is that you can reprint the same word game multiple times or print off an answer key for your own use.

Draw It by Hand

It is possible to create a word search grid after writing out the words on a sheet of graph paper. The problem is simply how long it takes. It is easier to tell the computer or the app what words you want included. Then the computer will place the words and fill in the gaps in the grid with other letters. The challenge is keeping up with the person who is playing the game after you create it. Interactive versions of word searches exist, but they aren’t as easy to play as when you’re trying to type the unscrambled word into the text field.

You can create a word scramble by hand, jumbling the letters and drawing out the blanks, but the way you write it might give them a clue as to what it means. Of course, this is only practical if you’re going to give the word unscramble to someone else to play.

Crossword puzzles aren’t easily created by hand, especially if you want to play it yourself. The process is certainly made easier by using graph paper, since it can be hard to draw a neat grid by hand.

Buy the Necessary Worksheets/Workbooks

The amount of time it takes to create word searches and word unscrambles by hand explain why we often buy these games by the book instead. Using online tools and apps is a viable replacement, and it is the best choice if you’re trying to use word games to reinforce spelling and vocabulary lessons. If you make the word puzzle by hand, you’re going to have to make copies with a copier to give your entire class the same game. You’ll also need to make extra copies if you want to reuse the same word game later.


  1. I remember visiting dollar stores and seeing books filled with word search games. Pretty fun activity, especially on a rainy day. When it comes to creating word search games, I think computer-generated word searches are the way to go, especially if you can paste in a list of words and get an image of the word search with the words you want as an output; and it’s probably how most word search books are made (computer-generated) anyway.

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