Reto-Moto is working with to provide Heroes and Generals players with a Review Contest of the game for codes. The contest is taking place on our forum at


Although each Review will get a code for game gold, the best reviews will get more. We are looking for the most creative reviews from those who have played the game. The more details and the more interesting your review is, the better. You can also include screenshots, game experiences, your greatest achievements in the game, game war stories etc. Good luck and looking forward to reading the reviews:).


200 gold; for each unique review

3 day veteran membership and 500 gold; for the winner

3 day veteran membership and 500 gold; for a reviewer that put in extra effort (be it an extra cool screenshot, a unique writing style).


  1. Cool game this can be a grindy game, yes you can say there is bullsh*t, but I like the game anyway. I am my self a known person in the community, I help the devs on finding bugs and reporting bugs. I am moderator for a lot of big H&G streamers on Twitch, I used to run a Screenshot contest with reward Premium currency. I like the game, and you might also like it if you spend time in it. 4/5

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