An online mode of gaming refers to making use of the internet as the gaming platform for fun and entertainment. In contrast to the traditional belief that gaming is an addictive source of entertainment and diversion, research shows that gaming has several benefits. Such benefits include the development of cognitive skills in both kids and adults. While physical exercise helps to improve and strengthen muscles, cognitive games aids in engaging one’s brain in constant stimulation hence improving the brain’s performance. Some of the cognitive benefits of playing online video games include:

Source of learning

Online video games are beneficial to adults, teenagers, and children. This is because in the modern education institution some of them incorporate video games as a teaching methodology. This improves children’s academic skills by using video games, specifically targeted to enhance their cognitive and creative skills. Usually, when gaming, their brains receive much stimulation that is both visual and audial. These stimulators ensure that the brain is continuously working to interpret them hence improving its speed. 

Improves coordination and memory enhancement

Playing video games activates mental stimulation and helps coordinate visual, audial, and physical movements. When playing video games, players need to be keen on the instructions of the games to emerge winners. This helps in mastering the game and coordinates on the keyboard. It also helps in improving the memory capacity and coordination of other vital functions of the mind.

Improves problem-solving skills 

Video games are mostly a puzzle with specific rules that have to be followed. Players have to think critically before making a move because they may end up losing. They have to consider the rules to help them stay within the guard and, at the same, make quick decisions that will determine if they will proceed to the next level or not. Online video games such as dominoqq require keen analysis and decision making skills to help reduce risks. 

Improves concentration and multitasking skills 

Action games usually capture the player’s attention for the entire duration of the game. This is often because the player becomes more focused on achieving the goals within the game and get to the next level. The player is also required to be observant and still be able to move the keys while looking out for various features on the screen. This ensures that the player combines all the skills to fulfill the requirements of the game and win. 


In conjunction with the above cognitive benefits, playing video games improves social skills. This helps players in making new friends and strengthens the bonds of old friends and relationships. Some online games also enhance social skills as you have to play against your friends. Playing online video promotes communication among players; this helps in the development of meaningful relationships. When deciding on the type of game to play, you need to consider picking the right game that offers cognitive benefits. Age is another factor to consider when selecting video games for children, as some video games are violent.


  1. I will say, it depends on the game and how much time you spend on that game, since those characteristics determine the beneficial value gained. For instance, a game like Minecraft: Education Edition might be a great game for creating a learning ecosystem, but a game like Call of Duty wouldn’t be suitable for that at all. A game like Wii Sports might be great for better coordination since you have motion control, and then puzzle or strategy games would be great for memory. And if video game addiction is a problem, you’re not really gaining any beneficial value since you might skip meals, lose sleep, etc. So there is quite a varying degree of the importance of games, and it’s all about finding the right balance.

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