Everyone loves computer gaming! However, in a high-tech world with shooting, racing, fantasy, and strategy games all around us—playable on apps, the web, and gaming consoles, sometimes it helps to get back to basics. Since 1990, Klondike Solitaire has been available to play for free for decades. Even now, most operating systems come with this and several other simple, card-based games such as Spider Solitaire and FreeCell.

To most computer users and gamers, the novelty of gaming on a computer made life easier. Rather than setting up a game on your own, which was time-consuming, all it took was a few clicks of the mouse. There was no need for manual scoring as it was scored automatically in a split second. We know people love convenience, and—along with a visual appeal that was untouchable for the time—this generated massive numbers of players to take up the game, many of whom still return to the game religiously even today.

An office worker plays the card game Solitaire during work hours. Not only was Solitaire well-loved at home, but people often joke that it was a productivity drain in offices around the world! Even now, a screen with a game of Solitaire open on it is immediately seen as a pop culture reference to slacking off at work. This is entirely understandable! While it is less common today, Solitaire was the most widely used Windows program at one time. Without any struggle, during the 1990s, everyone could identify at least one colleague who could be seen playing occasional Solitaire games during office hours.

Do you want to play a game of Patience? No, you aren’t hearing a mother speaking to her young child about waiting their turn… Rather, Patience, Solitaire and Klondike are all names used to refer to the game we typically know by the name of Solitaire. While most people are familiar with the game primarily from playing it on a PC or laptop, this, of course, is not where the game’s origin lies. Precisely where the game does come from is not known, but it is widely known that Klondike Solitaire continues to be the most popular card game in the world. Furthermore, this game can be played on just about any device today because it is so simple and fun!

Nowadays, fans of solitaire games would be hard-pressed to complain about the variety of games amidst the very diverse selection available for the smartphone, tablet, game console, and, of course, also for the PC or laptop. However, many people still prefer regular “old” Windows Solitaire despite this huge variety! Fortunately, you can conveniently visit the free Solitaire website at freesolitaire.com to access this game any time you like.