Mobile World Conference (MWC) of 2019 is the largest mobile conference in the world where lots of things still yet need to unpack. All eyes of the players are on it to see what would be the upcoming new technologies that are going to be announced for the good purpose of the players. MEC provides us with some glimpses of the near future and shows us the new technologies and infrastructure of the mobile phones that are highlighting the mobile power.

Mobile gaming developers are today continuously adapting new monetization trends. One such trend that everyone has seen recently is the use of Meta gaming to drive visitors and players towards the game and increase engagement which ultimately generates more revenue for the developers. The concept of Meta gaming is basically a game within a game. For example, suppose a racing game which allows players to collect cars. Now, here the racing is the core mechanic game and the garage-building is the part of Meta gaming which gives the players an additional goal. This is a type of gaming trends can be applied in different types of mobile games including, racing game, horse riding, mobile slots games, football, cricket, hockey and many more.

Latest Mobile Technology:

The mobile technology had rapidly enlarged its support for the past century with the interactive user interface, technology development and investment. Regular Operating System and Internet Connectivity will help you to use the latest trends in mobile technology so that it can outstand among others. With the improvement of the signal received at remote areas, file sharing facilities at any time, entertainment, GPS, real-time connectivity among the business people and many more can make mobile technology advancement to the important for today’s market.

5G Tech trend:

Now, coming to the latest trends about our mobile future that has been announced by the MWC 2019, like recently we saw 5G dominate headlines at MWC with smart-phone companies. The 5G tech is finally now underlying with great infrastructure that will power our mobile experience.

Varieties of Game Including Game Streaming:

Another exciting example of mobile trends is staying in gaming with game streaming. If you have speedy internet, you would be able to play any type of online mobile games to the mobile device including stream games with the proper quality of sound and videos.  Players can get various online games with free and paid versions and can able to purchase subscriptions to get the access of the library of games that can be then played on different types of devices including mobile as well.

Foldable Style Mobile Trends:

The new foldable form is one of the biggest style trends in 2019. It is going to be an invasion. Google is already gaming on it and every major Android phone manufacturer is working on it. Samsung is also put out its Galaxy Fold at Mobile World Congress. Huawei is also bringing his own company mobile that can unfold to 8 inches. LG will bring foldable at MWC, Oppo, Motorola, Royole all are working on the flexible mobile phone.

Now, some more upcoming mobile application development trends for the year 2019:

  • Massive Expectation for Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) – Shared the top trending lists on the smartphones. Both are interlinked to each other and can provide great and valuable services through real-time applications.
  • Internet of Things – It already transformed varieties of industries into productive verticals and still working on other retail industries to get better customer experience.
  • Increasing demand for wearable devices – With the great effort by Apple on developing smart and stylish wearable devices, the year 2019 has become the smartest and promising year for modish wearable devices.
  • Mobile Apps Technology – Mobile Apps are a step towards the advancement of the previously present apps with the new functionality and feature of Chatbots. It is the combination of AI and a smarter way of targeting audiences to figure out their requirements.
  • Leading Start for AR/VR – Android and iOS has introduced 2200 AR Apps for single users and workplace benefits. There are lots of AR applications which are games that already win the heart of the youngsters of the world. So, AR and VR are running the industry by providing huge development to the media and manufacturing world.
  • App Security – With the implementation of a new app, it is also necessary to check the security of it. This is not a new topic. Cyber-security is an essential part to clear up any mess mainly when you are playing any mobile games.
  • Increase Engagement through Mobile UI/UX – Technology keeps updating with new design and service to engage people in any apps. With the updating UI/UX, it could improve the user experience and user interface.
  • Instant Apps – Some Navigation Mobile applications are instant apps with smaller in size and user-friendly as well. With the increasing demand of people for applications with less loading time and better user experience, instant apps has been created.
  • Customization of Pages with the help of EMM and Application Performance Management (AMP) – AMP has been introduced in 2016 by Google Search Console. Inbuilt with App framework, AMP can able to exterminate the malicious issues that can create problems to the app performance.
  • Enhancement in Mobile e-commerce – with the increasing rate of online shopping, an easy payment method is now in high demand for the customers. From the traditional purchase method to single debit or credit card swipe to mobile wallets to digital currencies, every year the mobile e-commerce payment method is updating with the latest technology.

All the above mobile application technology is trending with a great future scope ahead.


  1. 5G and foldable phones haven’t really exploded, and I think it’s partly because people aren’t out buying phones each year. I feel like the average phone purchase would be every five years, so maybe time will tell how things will go in the long run.

    Foldable phones, I don’t think that would be the new norm until Apple starts jumping into that market. And it doesn’t really help Apple when a company like Samsung has already patented the idea, so foldable phones are, right now, more niche and more like bleeding edge technology. Plus the biggest hurdle with foldable phones is trying to compartmentalize parts onto a phone, and I don’t think Apple will want to sacrifice long battery life and its camera technology just to have a phone you can conveniently fold for me free screen real estate, though I feel like the biggest hurdle would be battery.

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