Valorant Agent 25, Clove, has made their foray into Valorant, and safe to say, they’re kicking up a storm so far. Players have been loving the new Valorant Agent’s entire kit, from their killer voice lines and stylish aesthetics to their unique and almost game-changing gameplay!

There’s a lot to love with the Valorant new Agent, but how do they really stack up?

Today, we’re breaking down everything you need to know about Valorant’s latest Agent 25, Clove! We’ll go over their availability, how to unlock them in your roster, their abilities, and preferred playstyles, and lastly, a final verdict on whether they’re worth investing in.

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That said, let’s get straight into the character overview of new Valorant Agent 25, Clove!

When is Clove Available in Valorant? 

Clove initially went live on 26th March 2024 and was patched into the game with the Patch 8.05 update. Patch 8.05 also added changes and fixes to Premier, social, and a few bug fixes.

By the time you’re reading this, Clove should already be live and available to unlock.

How to Unlock Clove in Valorant?

Similar to other Valorant Agents, Clove follows the same system. There are three ways you can unlock and obtain Clove:

Valorant Agent Recruitment Event – With the release of a new Agent Valorant, there’s also an updated Agent Recruitment Event where you can unlock the Agent for free by completing the event. You need to earn 200,000 XP to unlock the latest character in the Valorant Agent Recruitment Event before the event ends.

Valorant Points – If you’d prefer a more direct way without grinding, you can also purchase Clove using Valorant Points. Unlocking a new Agent with Valorant Points will cost you 1,000 VP which equates to $9.99 or your regional equivalent.

Kingdom Credits – Kingdom Credits is the last method to unlock Clove. Once the Agent Recruitment Event ends, you can purchase Clove for 8,000 Kingdom Credits. You can earn Kingdom Credits by working through the Battle Pass & Agent Recruitment Event, playing matches, winning rounds, and completing Daily Missions.

Valorant Clove’s Background

With the little information we do know about Clove, we can piece together what they’re like as a new Valorant Agent. Clove is originally from Edinburgh, Scotland and she’s notorious for being a “troublemaker”.

One of the biggest reasons she’s so inclined to recklessness is she’s immortal. Clove dances around death as her plaything, contrasting her demeanor and appearance as a youthful, cheerful Valorant character with a deep dark power emanating from within.

Well, it’s not much of a secret, since she so obviously charges into battle with no regard for her own life.

One of the big themes surrounding “Clove” is that they’re fearless, partially thanks to the fact she literally can’t die. They’re also a great storyteller, which makes her voice lines and voice acting a pleasure to listen to in-game.

Overall, Valorant Clove is a welcome change of pace against other characters who may take things a bit too seriously.

Valorant Clove’s Abilities 

Now we’re getting to the meat of Clove as Valorang new Agent, their abilities, and what they can do on the field.

Pick-Me-Up (C) Basic Ability 

Pick-Me-UP is a healing and buff ability that will instantly absorb fallen enemies’ life force for themself. However, this ability will only be available when she damages or kills an enemy Agent.

Successfully using the ability will grant Clove temporary health and ‘haste’.

This is a little unconventional, especially for Controller Agents since they tend to hang back and support their DPS and Tank characters. This ability is one of the first instances that sets Clove apart from other Controllers since her playstyle leans toward aggressive, frontline combat.

Meddle (Q) Basic Ability

Using Clove’s Q ability, Meddle, will equip a ‘fragment’ of immortality essence. Throwing the orb will detonate it after a short delay, and any characters caught in the blast radius will be temporarily affected by the ‘Decay’ debuff.

Simply put, it’s a DoT grenade that will “poison” or decay Agents for a period of time, reducing their HP.

An otherwise unremarkable ability, but it’s useful enough for engagements and to make enemy Agents retreat while they’re decaying.

Ruse (E) Signature Ability

Clove’s (E) skill, Ruse is their Signature Ability which when activated, will pull up a mini map of the battlefield. Pressing the ‘Fire’ button will designate a location for where to launch Clove’s ‘Clouds’ (AKA smokes) and pressing ‘Alt Fire’ will launch the ability.

The unique part of this ability is that Ruse can be used even after Clove has been eliminated. This gives Clove a powerful ability to possibly alter the flow of a round by employing their ability strategically after death.

Another benefit of Clove’s aggressive playstyle.

Not Dead Yet (X) Ultimate Ability

Clove’s Ultimate Ability (X) is the most powerful weapon in their arsenal. The Not Dead Yet Ultimate can be activated after Clove’s death and will resurrect them from the grave. However, this resurrection can be short-lived.

Once resurrected, Clove has to get an assist or elimination within a set time limit. Fail to score a damaging assist or elimination, and Clove will stay dead.

The Verdict

So, with all this said, is Clove Valorant really worth the time and effort to get?

Well, it really depends on your preferences and how you play the game. From the get-go, Clove has always been oriented towards more aggressive and frontline combat. Instead of hanging behind the rest of the team, Valorant Clove will often be at the forefront engaging and fighting enemies.

But this is for a good reason.

Their entire kit is oriented towards that style of play. The Pick-Me-Up skill is a perfect example, since Clove will be in the heat of battle often, they need a quick way to patch themselves up.

Plus, their two other abilities Ruse and Not Dead Yet are backups for when Clove is finally eliminated from the round. Smoke vital points for your team from beyond the grave or get a shot at reviving with just a damaging assist or elimination!

But in essence, Clove is still a Controller character and will play accordingly. It’s a welcome change of pace and most of the player base enjoys the character, so for now, we can expect them to be a driving force for many teams.

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