Hurtworld is a multiplayer sandbox FPS (First Person shooter).



Game Description:

Hurtworld is a survival sandbox game that is often compared to Rust. However, it is one of the easiest games in the genre to play on a older or less powerful PC. You start off in your undies and have to hunt for food. You will have to fight the elements, animals, and even other players to survive. Hurtworld really comes into its own in the end game as what can be made is extremely fun. If you want to bypass newbie killers, simply learn how to play on an empty server.

Game Trailer:

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  1. Very decent survival sandbox video game,which has interesting gameplay and good graphic,and it is good because this game can be played on lower computers

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  2. Hurtworld is an sandbox/survival game where you need to find food to survive.That includes killing animals and players.This is great news for gamers who don’t have strong configuration.You can play this game on really low PC and believe me game is really interesting.I would like to recommend this game for all,try it.

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  3. Hurtworld is an interesting game. It reminds me a bit of both Rust and Minecraft, but is interesting in its own way. It is a first person shooter survival sandbox, so there are guns and some building, the graphics are really nice, there are even vehicles, and the gameplay looks great. Overall, I would rate this game a 4/5.

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  4. a sandbox game which i find very amazing. the 3d graphics are superb. The plot of the game is what’s so much interesting. you start with nothing like you woke up and you need to use your resources to survive. the gameplay offers so much enjoyment and smooothness. i like how you can use bows and guns and etc by progressing with the game. you can hunt down enemies which is also another thrilling feature of the game. mining, different methods of mining, getting resources. its whole lot fun. like on minecraft but in 3d modey~

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