When it comes to superheroes/comic book characters, tastes are always changing. For
years, Superman seemed to be at the top of most people’s lists, but his popularity
has waned. Then, for a long time, it was Batman’s turn to be the favorite. Now, it
feels as though no one stays on top for too long anymore, as there is always another
movie or TV show in the wings ready to showcase someone else (Daredevil, Jessica
Jones, etc.). However, there is one character who has withstood the test of time and
still remains as popular as ever: Wolverine.

A central reason for all the love coming to Wolverine is that in addition to being a
great comic and movie character, he is also incredibly fun to play in video games
and has been regularly appearing in them for over two decades, as noted by Complex.
If you are of a certain age, perhaps you played the very first game he was in, The
Uncanny X-Men, which was released for Nintendo in 1989 and was as crude as the year
implies. His first solo game came out two years later. Simply titled Wolverine, this
one wasn’t much better and contained a weird element: in order to regain health,
Wolverine had to eat some hamburgers.

But since then, Wolverine games have come a very long way. Though he frequently
appears with his X-Men compatriots, he has quite a few solo endeavors too. X2:
Wolverine’s Revenge came out in 2003 and is still considered one of his best games.
Interesting trivia related to this title: Wolverine is voiced by none other than
Mark Hamill.

While it probably comes as little surprise that the vast majority of Wolverine games
include a lot of action and fighting, they are not all like that. Betfair actually has a roulette game featuring the metal-clawed character. In this one, he is joined by some of his
Marvel buddies—Iron Man, Spider-Man, Captain America, and others—and players can
utilize his powers in an attempt to win a jackpot.

There are quite a few more Wolverine games you can play online as well, such as
Tokyo Fury. In this one, you get to kill as many ninjas as possible while scampering
over the roofs of homes in Tokyo. And then there’s Wolverine Search And Destroy,
which tasks you with taking on robots. In Wolverine MRD Escape, however, it’s up to
you to help save other captured mutants.

If you are looking for the best Wolverine game out there, though, your search can
probably begin and end with X-Men Origins: Wolverine. And don’t let the title fool
you, either, because the game is significantly better than the film. If you like
your video games with lots of blood and dismemberment, you will love this one.
Basically, Wolverine is on a mission and anyone who gets in his way will suffer. “It
is the best hack and slash experience you could ever have as Wolverine,” says a
writer on Arcade Sushi.
“And a hack and slash experience is all you could hope for from the guy who is the
best there is at what he does.” Indeed.

If you have a favorite Wolverine game that wasn’t mentioned here, feel free to talk
about it in the comments!


  1. Not a Wolverine specific games but in Marvel Ultimate Alliance 1&2 you can play as Wolverine for most if not all the game. That was really fun. I’d also toss in Marvel Heroes, you’d have to buy him or do a little work to get him free but once you do can play the whole game as him. For Wolverine fans none of these will get an epic Wolverine forced story but all three have nice game play and are set in the Marvel universe including X-men iconic locations like the X-Mansion and enemies like Sentinels.

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