MMO Sports Games in 2017 come in many different shapes and sizes. Do not expect only the most popular televised sports such as baseball, football, hockey, and soccer. MMO games now days cover a plethora of different sports. Some of these sports are little known while others are imagined futuristic sports like Rocket League (pictured below). Some of these games have developed quite a following. For example, the aforementioned Rocket League is now being shown on the WWE Network despite not being a wrestling game.


MMO Sports Genres

The best sports games come from both the traditional and the innovative. Established sports that do well online include wrestling, soccer, basketball, and football. Golf (the bottom image) and baseball are well represented as well. For the innovative, however, its really a mixed bag. Usually these type of games involve vehicles or racing. Games that fit this mold include Rocket League, Tales Runner, Quantum Rush, Speed Runners, and Darkwind. Exceptions to the vehicle or racing niches are brutal games like Blood Bowl and Crunchball 3000. Online shooters like Counter-Strike: Global Offensive are also in the mix. Fighting games should also not be forgotten and include the WWE 2K series, Brawlhalla and the Streetfighter series. However, the biggest most growth oriented genre is MOBA (Massive Online Battle Arena).

Tales Runner

The Future of MMO Sports

With the advent of esports and professional players, competitive type games like MOBAs that can be used in tournaments have the chance to be monster hits. League of Legends shines as an example of this and is one of the most popular games in the world right now. Rather than be more social like World Of Warcraft or creative like Minecraft, games like League of Legends, CS:GO, and Rocket League have captured the competitive fire of gamers around the world. Upcoming games will need to do this as well to ascend to similar heights. Since traditional games already receive TV time and are well represent online, the next huge MMO sports games will likely come from new and innovative genres. These games should be fairly simple while giving players the chance to shine.


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  1. Rocket League is pretty interesting; I never expected a soccer game with cars to be very popular. I can’t wait to see what other MMO sports games are coming out this year.

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  2. This game is fun! I play it with my mates most of the time. We play football/soccer irl and we also love cars, it’s a perfect combination lol. The game has different kinds of power-ups, which makes it more fun. These kinds of games are very unique, who would have thought cars and sports will be a thing in one game!

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