• for me, this game is a cute one :3
    basically, what you do is fish on an ice lake at winter. which is a test of patience. the first thing you do is find a spot to catch a fish. then make a hole on the thick layer of ice and start putting your fishing line inside with the bait. then wait! its a test of patience i say :3
    you also need to constantly…[Read more]

  • for me, Peggle feels more like Zuma, the one where a frog shoots out balls to destroy the balls approaching. but in peggle, there are limited number of throwable balls and there are levels. meaning the game ends per session, unlike zuma which is endless. plus its a puzzle so you might want to think about throwing your precious balls before…[Read more]

  • Beach Mahjong is just another normal Mahjong but with the theme being at the beach. the designs , the view, have something that involves the beach. well. Mahjong is a puzzle game (played by my grandpa before) and I dont quite like it. i rather play chess :3 but maybe its just because of my personal taste . so i would still recommend it to everyone…[Read more]

  • I agree with the setup of the controls to be kind of irritative. I liked the game and i played it only until i got to the hunter class.

    I liked the graphics because its cute and anime-ish and like Zenonia on Android. Its story line isnt bad either. Thumbs Uppy~

  • I would like to suggest that this game gets currency of some sort which would be a great addition when we add phases/parts where the ogre needs money for thingies. Plus there should be like a shop stop or something. I havent still made it to the end. And its a very dynamic game in my opinion.
    Still rating it 3/5
    And i hope it goes to improbe a…[Read more]

  • Apox have this same feel as the game Lord of The rings : battle for middle earth. Not the build your base feature but the terrain feature, the game setting, and even the vision/sight feature feels similar. There are objectives that you have to do in every mission plus you control not just one character but plenty of characters. It is a great game…[Read more]

  • . The fun fades out in time because it only gets repetitive and i wasnt really a fan of the fighting style, its kind of really really messy. It’s a great game. Yes, no doubt about that. And its worth getting.
    Figthing transformed enemies, wildlife here and there gaining crystite over and over. :r
    Thumbs uppy still

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  • This is like the powecore of all war RTS games. It is very iconic that many copies of it were sold worldwide. It offers many features which are highly enjoyable and fun. From story lines to real time battles. Skirmish and many more. The graphics. Even tho some titles have been outdated now, it still gives satisfaction to players which is positive.…[Read more]

  • As i play the game more. It takes the thrilling excitement feeling away. It gets repetitive now due to the lack of level and difficulty. The coins dont do muchy either. Its motivation for players to play dwindles as you repeat. But im still sayinv its a game worth trying. Its still ogremazing c: But ill decrease my rate for this. :r


  • I am so amazed by its graphics. Superb. c:
    The game’s goal is to travel from to place to place until you eventually travel around the world. Using trucks as your vehicle, following traffic guidelines and doing/completing the tasks you are given. Like for example, deliveries by companies, fast food chains etc. It’s a superb game. The plot is plain…[Read more]

  • It can be played online or can be played with campaign mode. I like the campaign mode because you wont get stressed with the real time feature of the game. But im not saying playing online isnt good. It is good. In fact, playing with others are enjoyable because of the thrill and the strategy you have to think your moves your positioning your…[Read more]

  • I like the galactic setting of the game which made me stay playing for some time. The graphics arent bad either. I dont like the battles on foot as they look so messy/dusty/sluggish to the feel & to the vision. But thats part of the game :v
    Having something to do like quests and being a free roaming mercenary is so awesome to the feel. Like, you…[Read more]

  • First of all. Its a unique MMORPG with cartoonish graphics. Its a free game that, like on AQW, have some kind of “membership that gives you rewards and features only accesible with membership.
    The game is actually too muchy grindy. Levelling up is the hardest part in the 4o + level mark. In fact it will bore the bamboo shoot out of you. Fight…[Read more]

  • i experienced some sluggishness out of the game. although, it is a fun game to play. i have been struggling to see in the dark lighting of the dungeon where the game is set to. the graphics – the best one so far of all ogre games. More stages should be added and more different enemies to battle. there should also be abbilities to use and spells…[Read more]

  • the game is very funny. i mean the characters. but the gameplay is similar to CoD where you will be using guns explosives equipments and even traps to kill the enemies. the battle arenas can get messy due to explosives.and there are trampolines to use as surprise for un cautious enemies. the game do have different game modes and different…[Read more]

  • it is a 2d game with vast generated worlds. the gameplay based from my experience is sluggish as the graphics dont have the best quality. it have a story where the main goal is to keep your character growing up in terms of power. to beat the overlord or the evil boss :3

    although it gots a not-that-bad graphics. i liked the game still. it gots…[Read more]

  • i personally don’t prefer these type of agmes. but experiencing them isnt bad either. i dont quite get the game exactly but i meddled with it for a short time, the game is war based. like build your on structures , build your own war ships to conquer planets. and its got guild system as well. its cool actualy

    thumbs up

  • it is a very similar game to age of empires or clash of clans but the graphics are more of lower in quality than clash of clans. the goal, like every “build your empire” type of game, the goal is to gather resources, build, expand your area build again, get more workers, train troops and attack enemies. although the concept is good.. games like…[Read more]

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