And here we go! In this blog post I will introduce you to the 3 first games of my list, that placed in 10th, 11th and 12th place of my list. Hard choices, and some games might be a bit surprising for some people, but the games I present, are the games that I look forward to the most in this new gaming year. Hopefully the games will live up to my expectations too!


 12. Samurai Warriors 4

Samurai Warriors 4 might seem like a surprise for many people. Some people might not even have heard of the Samurai Warriors series before. But I think I’ve mentioned before that I’ve always liked games that are set in the ancient parts of Asia. I’ve tried a couple of the Samurai Warriors games before, and honestly I do think that the games migh have been a little repetitive but that doesn’t change the fact that I still enjoyed playing the games. Now some people might wonder what kind of game Samurai Warriors really is. Well, Samurai Warriors is hack and slash game set and is Japanese equivalent to the more popular  Chinese historic, Dynasty Warriors series. The game makes its entry at the Japanese Market at  March 20, 2014, but it’s not clear if that will also be the release date for the rest of the world. It might not be the most known game, or the most anticipated game, but for me it’s a game that I look forward to.


11. Fable Legends

Fable is probably a series that most of us have heard. The first and second game of the series were for me, a fantastic experience and something that made me fall in love with the series. Unfortunately, Fable 3 was far away from the two first game’s standards and my dissapointment was high. Their next game, Fable: The Journey was good, but still not enough to calm my hunger for a great Fable game. Now Lionhead series have announced 2 upcoming games, Fable Anniversary, that’s some kind of remake of the original game, and Fable Legends. Of what I’ve seen of Fable Legends, it looks like it’s going to be a great game. The release date isn’t completely clear yet, but it’s said that a beta-testing is going to start this year. Fable Legends will be a 5 person multiplayer game, where one of these people play as a villain and the other four play as a hero. I think it sounds like a good idea, but the real question is if Lionhead studios will succeed into turning it to something good.


10. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is the third game of the The Witcher series, that I’ve learned to enjoy. The earlier Witcher games have given me plenty of hours of a wonderful experience and can still entertain me today. And now the third game of the series, The Withcer 3: Wild Hunt is set to be released some where around Q2 in 2014. An exact release date is yet to be released. Of what they have released about The Witcher 3, it looks somewhat exciting for me. It reminds me a bit of Skyrim in some areas, and I’ve seen and heard a bunch of people calling the game the next generation’s version of Skyrim. Skyrim was definitely an amazing game, and if this really is true, I have high expectations of The Witcher 3. If it will live up to them is something that we will have to wait and see.


These were the three first games of my top 12 most anticipated games of 2014. In a couple of days I will release the three next games of my list.


  1. I didn’t know that these games even exist, but they seem really good. Thanks for the list, I might try out some of them, can’t wait for you to finish it. 🙂

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