After an announcement a couple of months ago, AQ3D items have finally arrived in the GameOgre Shop! The first items that have arrived are a Leather Cape and the dreaded Ogre Cleaver of Boom. These items are available in our shop to be bought with points earned in our blog or forum for being part of the community. Both items are cosmetic and can be worn by any level of player. The beauty of this system by Artix is that you can equip items with stats and power etc underneath these costumes. This features enables players the ability to sculpt and shape their own custom appearances.

Ogre Cleaver of Boom

The feature image of this article. GameOgre has given away other AQ3D weapons, but this is the first to be an Ogre weapon!  Set this Cleaver to costume and letting the booming begin.

GameOgre Leather Cape 

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This is the second GameOgre cape. The last cape was a giveaway and was red cloth. This cape is much more Ogre-like since Ogres are tougher than leather.

Expect more items in the future. The prices will remain lower than most other items in the shop and we have a vast inventory so they won’t disappear in a night, a week, or even a month.


  1. This is my review of both items above …
    1. For cleaver, this weapon has a very unique and interesting shape. This weapon can make other players pay attention to you and wonder where you got it?
    As a unique weapon, you must have this weapon …
    2. For Cape Leather, Cape is like the previous cape gameogre but with different colors and slightly different designs. This Cape also includes a unique cape …
    So I think you should have both items above if you really like collecting unique and rare items 🙂

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  2. I really like both the items because they are unique especially the Cleaver…
    1st- Cleaver : It is too big and it really stand out. it is really Ogre-ish and it is so awesome and i really like it…
    2nd- Cape: The cape is cool too and the color is nice, but i think it is just a rescaled of the old ogre cape but it is kinda thicker than the old one… But overall , i like both items, it both have a logo of GameOgre xD…

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  3. This AQ3D item that been created by gameogre is really cool, a huge axe in AQ3D for the first time 🙂 , thats why i really buy it xD , havent buy the other one bcux i think gameogre cape red one is much better, i guess? I think bcux gameogre cape is colorful for me? But anyways, theyre all cool , nice . Hoping for more aq3d items 😛

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  4. The cleaver is good but I think it’s too simple I don’t mind the logo but they could’ve at least gave the cleaver a little bit more of design, as for the cape thr logo isn’t that visible cause of the color combination so I don’t use it often the previous GameOgre cape is still better.

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  5. This is my review for both items.
    1. The Ogre Cleaver of Boom…Well the name speaks for itself. Stats wise I don’t think it offers much, but if you want to set yourself apart from the crowd, then equipping this axe along with your set is for you.
    2. The Leather Cape is a nice addition to add to your cape collection, especially for those that missed out on the first cape, this serves as a nice replica. The brown-ish color also gives it more of a Ogre feeling.

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  6. I will admit, the GameOgre items are amazing, and I do appreciate that the AQ3D team went out of their ways to create these three special items. I like all of the items, but the item that stands out the most would be the club, followed by the cleaver, and finally the cape.

    Starting off with the club, I like the brown texture, as it shows that it is wooden, and I like the unique ogre displayed on the side of the club, despite that it is not an image of the GameOgre logo. While the weapon’s model resembles more of a mace than a club, the color stands out nicely. Many random players seem to enjoy the looks of the club in the game. It is by far the ogre-ish item as that is the primary weapon of an ogre.

    The cleaver is nice as well, as this weapon uses a unique weapon model that has never been used in the game before. This weapon does look quite menacing. The embellished GameOgre logo on the blade makes the weapon stand out a lot, and shows tribute to the GameOgre community.

    The cape, while simplistic, has a nice texture which makes the cape feel worn out and in some way ogre-ish. I like the use of the different shade of browns going down vertically. The logo on the cape also makes the cape stand out.

    Overall, these items are amazing to have.

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  7. I really like these exclusive forum items that you can get for AQ3D and they shout out word OGRE without hesitation. I really would like to get that Ogre Cleaver of Boom because it stands out the most for me.

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