Counter-Strike is one of the oldest competitive video games out there and just like that, it’s still incredibly popular. Blast Premier, the biggest tournament organizer in CS:GO just announced that it will renew its events for 2022 with a total prize pool of close to $2.5 million.

That is a lot of money on CS:GO. According to xray scanner csgo the numbers are only going to go up, as there are other hosts organizing Counter-Strike: Global Offensive events out there, including WePlay and ESL. But what can you actually do to improve your own CS:GO gameplay without necessarily participating in these big leagues?

#1 Play a Lot and Focus on Yourself

The first thing to do is to play a lot. You want to get in the raw hours. CS:GO is not an easy game and when playing versus a more experienced player, it may feel a little dispiriting. However, over time, you will begin noticing patterns. Maybe your AK-47 and MP5 are shooting in slightly different patterns. Maybe the recoil impacts the accuracy of your bullets? There are many things to train just by playing casual pubs and scrims.

#2 Listen to the Pros

In the past, most pro players would keep silent about how they got where they are – but there weren’t many channels to communicate that knowledge. Today, though, the world has changed completely and that is actually great news for everyone.

The top players out there are happy to give interviews and share their experience and relationship with the game and yes, that includes tips on how they got there. You will learn about preemptive shooting, muscle memory and more just by watching interviews.

#3 Play More Competitively

You can play competitively even if you are not in a team. All you need to do is find a few like-minded people and use the CS:GO lobbies to play pre-made matches against other groups of fun. This will make the gameplay fun, because you will be playing with your friends, but it will also make it a bit more challenging.

Every time you face a challenge in a game, you will notice that you are actually leveling up your expertise of the game. Yes, it will be slow at first, but provided you put in enough hours into doing this, you will most likely be happy with the outcome.

Sure, not all players can learn at the same pace or with the same proficiency, but this is no bad news either. There are many reasons why exploring CS:GO will have a positive impact on your overall ability to play which is precisely what you need to feel good about playing this game.