Ogre Empire is a brand new online fantasy game that can be played free of charge by the software provider Betsoft. Unlike Ogre Adventures and Ogre Wars, Ogre Empire is not a game by GameOgre nor is the Ogre blue. The ogre that is the star of this particular game is gigantic and green. Yes, he also wields a club with reckless abandon!

OgreEmpire3 (1)

Ogre Empire Slots employs an ogre to wreak on citizens of a fantasy kingdom. There are also kings, queens, and jokers in the kingdom, but we all know who the real star is! The ogre is particularly nasty during the day as it random destroys game pieces. Some of these pieces offer rewards to players. Since the citizens are more than fully aware of their ogre problem, they conveniently sleep during the day.

Of course, the exact opposite happens in night mode. The ogre goes to sleep while the townspeople emerge from their homes. This is the time when royal rewards become available. The joker also makes an appearance in night mode in order to bring fun and much needed merriment to the kingdom. To brighten up the kingdom further, wild flower blossoms are available in both day and night modes. These very special flowers supply magic. Watch the magic grow and expand, as each flower blossoms and grows or shoots spores throughout the kingdom.

How will you fare against the towering green ogre with a rather nasty spiked club? Only the very best will survive and even thrive against the massive juggernaut to attain great rewards!