Waiting hours for matchmaking for multiplayer matches? Constantly playing with the same opponents because no one else is interested in the game? Such conditions do not suit us: we bring to your attention the top popular online games, with a consistently large audience and never idle servers. And if you have already played all these games, then you can visit the Hellspin platform. Here you will find entertainment for every gaming taste.


The survival simulator from Epic Games has managed to win the hearts of millions of gamers since its release in the shortest possible time. The reason for this was the successful launch of the free Battle Royale mode, where those who regret paying for PUBG felt rushed. However, Fortnite’s main mode – the one where you build fortifications and fend off zombies – is also a success, so the game will remain popular even after the Battle Royale mode’s popularity passes.


PUBG has become one of the most popular online games in the world, with over 20 million copies sold in Early Access, launching on Xbox One and PS4, an online total that exceeds the number of concurrent users in all other Steam games combined.

The extremely successful concept of Battle Royale is not overshadowed even by the technical problems of the game and the abundance of cheaters. It is not known how long the triumph of Playerunknown`s Battlegrounds will last, but right now this project is deservedly at the top of the most discussed, played, and, accordingly, the most popular games.


MOBA, which is the only game in the library of many Steam users – why install something else when you can spend tens of thousands of hours in DotA 2? This game is often criticized for its toxic community, especially in the European segment, but not everything is so sad – finding adequate players here is easy.


The brainchild of Riot Games is less popular here than DotA 2, but the situation is reversed abroad – LoL has won a huge audience there. A lot of characters, addictive gameplay, regular updates, large-scale esports championships – these are the components of this game’s success.


Wake up any fan of online games in the middle of the night and ask him to name the most popular MMORPG – he will tell you World of Warcraft without hesitation.

This MMORPG, despite its rather impressive age (countless online projects do not even dream of such a lifespan), is still on the list of the most popular games and is unlikely to leave it in the foreseeable future, given the frequent major updates and the presence of “classic” servers. We are sure that the influx of the WoW audience is guaranteed to remain stable for many years to come.


Network shooter from Blizzard, enjoying impressive success with connoisseurs of the genre. The developers fit in one game an interesting plot, dynamic gameplay, and charismatic heroes, seasoned it all with a constant flow of content and AR elements – the announcements of new characters are preceded by numerous hints and riddles, which gamers take with great enthusiasm to unravel.


One of the most popular online games in the world, a competitive shooter that has won many awards, the famous simulator of the confrontation between special forces and terrorists – it’s all about Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

The brainchild of Valve constantly attracts new players who fight in multiplayer matches, attempt to earn fortunes by selling unique skins, and follow the success of their favorite teams in international esports tournaments. Many online shooters light up and quickly go out in the sky of the gaming industry, but Counter-Strike still shines and does not even think about leaving its place on top of the online game genre!