There are two extra weeks to do so

With the expansion delayed for bug fixes, there’s a gap of two weeks to fill. The game does give a variety of activities to fill your time with, but some players need a bit of guidance (including me). Here are some things to do beyond farming FFXIV Gil for the Endwalker Expansion.

Brush Up On or Complete the Main Story Quests

Not all players care about the plot. For those that do, it’s best to review what has happened in the story. The intervening years might’ve let a few threads slip, so players have to get things straightened out first.

The plot is one of FFXIV’s greatest strengths, and it’s best appreciated when you can understand it. Those who care about it will definitely spend some time reviewing it. Otherwise, they can go and complete the main quests they haven’t done. This way, they can appreciate the expansion’s story as intended and have the catharsis of finally getting the ending to the story. They’ve spent years awaiting this ending, after all.

A player who didn’t follow the story too closely wouldn’t appreciate the finale of the main story. For them, it’s just something to breeze through while getting to the content that they actually enjoy. However, since Square Enix have been emphasizing the expansion as being the grand ending of the plot, it’s going to be a waste not to appreciate it, at least a little bit.

Gather Better Gear for the New Classes

Endwalker is going to introduce two new classes, the Sage and the Reaper. While unlocking them will give a free set of equipment to use, veterans can get better gear beforehand. They have access to all kinds of raids or crafting resources to obtain them.

For newer players, it can be a bit more difficult. They might have to use up some of their other currencies to get something better than the starter equipment. An alternative is to gather up the resources to create a set, though that can take longer than farming the currencies.

Anyway, getting better and better equipment is always the way for progressing your FFXIV account in the game. Only this time, you’re going to do it for the yet-to-be-released classes.

Clear Up Your Inventory

Somewhat related to the above, you can’t get better gear if your inventory and storage are clogged up with old ones. Salvage or sell the items you’re not going to use, so you have space for all the new equipment coming in the expansion.

This can also increase the FFXIV Gil you can get, which is part of preparing for the expansion as well. It’s hitting two birds with one stone.

Do Some Raids

Aside from possibly getting better gear, it will practice you for the upcoming Pandemonium raids. Play with friends so you can solidify your teamwork. The 8-players raids especially are relevant to the plot. While not mandatory, they give insights into the motivations and personalities of some characters, fleshing out the plot even more.

Include the Alliance Raids to this list, as they too add to the game’s plot and overarching story. You might’ve missed some because it only became mandatory to the main quests at a certain point. Before that, the past expansions had their own Alliance Raids that could easily be missed. It’s the perfect time to do those raids in preparation for the expansion!

Have Fun and Enjoy!

Waiting doesn’t always have to be a passive activity. With all the tips mentioned above, you should be able to ignore the wait and the release would come before you know it. Time flies when you’re having fun, right? Whatever you decide to do, having fun and enjoying the game is the priority.

If you do finish early, perhaps it’s time to tackle that backlog of games to play. Those should occupy you if the waiting for Endwalker becomes tedious. There are many gems hidden beyond just popular or mainstream games. Finding one and playing it is a worthwhile endeavor.

At any rate, let’s all look forward to a smoother, stable release. There definitely will be more stock in the FFXIV store afterward, meaning there could be new FFXIV mounts in the future. For collectors and fashion-oriented players, this is a breath of fresh air.

Start preparing for Endwalker now! The release may seem quite far away, but before you know it, it’ll pass by so quickly. Play FFXIV and start questing, farming, or crafting!